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Anybody else BFing having to avoid certain foods as their baby has an allergic reaction ?

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iwantitnow Thu 20-Aug-09 21:17:34

With my EBF DD she sometimes came out in hives from around 3 months, discovered at 7 months she had an egg allergy and that she was getting hives when I ate egg too. I BF her until she was nearly 2 and had to avoid egg during that period. DS now 5 months, he is having hives which seem to be triggered by me eating egg too. I am not looking forward to at least 7 months of an egg free diet - no cakes, having to ask everywhere what is in food. Anybody else in the same boat?

Its grim and I found it amazing that friends/relations just refused to accept that I couldn't eat egg especially once DD hit one and I no longer "needed" to breastfeed.

Alieight Thu 20-Aug-09 23:38:34

Ditto with the egg allergy. Couldn't work out for the life of us why DS had weird scaly rash - we assumed (and the doc told us) it was eczema. Only once we started weaning and he ate some scrambled egg and blew up like a bright red balloon did we realise he was allergic to eggs. So i cut out eggs from both our diets, and lo and behold the eczema vanished.

He's now nearly 13 months and I am heartily sick of not eating eggs. I find one of the main problems is picking up a sandwich on the go - it's so hard to reliably find something with no mayonnaise in it! And I miss cakes. And bacon and eggs. And smoked salmon and scrambled eggs. However, I'm hoping to let him self-wean, which he's showing no signs of doing yet, so I have a little longer to go.

Have to say, family and friends have mostly been pretty supportive (half the family isn't english and breastfeeding over a year is normal rather than weird), but they do forget and serve up yummy eggy things for me.

iwantitnow Fri 21-Aug-09 08:18:21

Oh yes alieight I forgot the prospect of the dry M&S sandwiches without mayonnaise... My DD did self wean at 23 months but I was pregnant which helped.

I found that once I was down to just one feed before bed that I could eat a bit of egg with no reaction.

Egg free cakes just don't taste the same.

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