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Breastfeeding and menstruation

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fluffydog Thu 20-Aug-09 19:28:56

Does having my period affect my milk supply at all? My nearly 8 month doesn't seem satisfied, and my period started this morning so I wondered if it was just coincidence?

Babieseverywhere Fri 21-Aug-09 08:22:51

Yes, periods can affect how babies react on the breast. I recently had my first period for years and though DD (3 years) had no reaction, 1 year old DS pull off and on a lot and seemed less happy at the brest. It went on for a couple of days and he stopped doing it.

I think I have read that the milk changes taste slightly (happy to be corrected on this) and as DD nursed through my second pregnancy she is use to milk changing, whereas DS isn't.

Short answer .Your period might be affecting your baby's feeding pattern but it is likely to be temporary.

NotEvenTheTrees Fri 21-Aug-09 08:29:21

My periods returned at 14 weeks despite exclusive feeding. DD pulls on and off and always has done during my period. Seems to be a temporary drop in supply afaik. Lasts a couple of days. Annoying but normal.

I find ovulation more of a problem tbh. My nipples get very, very sore and I always get a blocked duct. DD also feeds much, much more when I ovulate. No idea of the reasons behind it though I assume that it's hormone related.

fluffydog Fri 21-Aug-09 16:30:09

Thanks for these answers. I missed my Breast feeding support group this week so couldn't ask about it there. I thought I must have done something different and was wracking my brains to think what it was. smile

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