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Is this 'just' trapped wind? Or do I need to stalk GP as more serious?

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GingaNinja Thu 20-Aug-09 15:48:16

I need help and advice - hopefully this right place/topic. 11 week old dd has has increasingly severe/bad trapped wind over last 10 days-ish, cue animal-in-pain screaming. FF since 2 weeks old & though some issues with (mild compared to some) reflux, baby gaviscon a life saver. She's rigid with pain before, during, after feeds; wakes mid nap to scream; and has only just now passed out mid-scream after feed and is whimpering in sleep. Cycling legs nearly imposs during these sessions as she's so rigid - at least without breaking her. Tummy rubbing/massage creates louder screaming/even more rigid. If I hold her upright against my shoulder she calms a little, but any pressure on stomach (if I lean back slightly on chair eg) makes it worse. Wind can be heard and felt inside her during feed. Infacol just seems to add petrol to fire. Reacting with gavescon maybe? Though pharmacist gave ok to use both together I've sacked off the Infacol. Viburcol knocked her out but didn't seem to ease pain during awake time & I don't partic want to knock her out anyway, just ease/stop pain and get access to happy smiley baby who appears for about 10 mins a day.

Not nec every feed (last one at night we wake her between half 10 and 11 to tank up overnight - so far so good till half 6 approx) but she's usually pretty comatosed and therefore relaxed; feeds during the day she tends to savage. I've tried feeding her early ie when she's not looking for food to see if helps if she's not 'starving' but no diff. She seems to be getting worse though - or is a habit/expectation of pain forming?

unfortunately regular GP on hols so saw locum, Gobshite MD, who is sitting in as cover yesterday; prescription for croup was result(Eh?!?) of strictly non-contact exam of the child. As we live in Ireland that farce cost 50 quid. (Hang on to the NHS, people.) Any other suggestions? Ta much lads & lasses.

diddl Thu 20-Aug-09 16:22:14

Sounds more like colic than croup.
Is it possible that the teat you use is too fast,so that too much air is taken down?

diddl Thu 20-Aug-09 16:31:53

Neither of mine had this.
But I remember as a young child being given gripe water when I was winy & it worked for me.
Don´t know if babies can have it,though.

NotSoRampantRabbit Thu 20-Aug-09 16:44:03

Maybe try colief (expensive but worth it if it works).

You have my sympathy - DS was a horribly windy and unsettled baby. In pain much of the time.

Do you have a wrap sling? Might help sooth her and let her sleep and relax.

FrameyMcFrame Thu 20-Aug-09 17:06:53

I thought croup was a cough?

hairband Thu 20-Aug-09 17:52:47

Sorry to hijack thread; mine has bad wind too and am him on starting infacol. Is Colief better (as I just saw it next to the infacol in Boots.. buying some for every room as keep forgetting to give it!)

NotSoRampantRabbit Thu 20-Aug-09 20:15:56


Colief is an enzyme that breaks down the lactase in milk. It is a faff if you are bf (I am expressing a bit every morning and adding colief to a few tablespoons before each feed). It might work but no guarantees.

Definitely worth a go IMO.

Best thing though is to keep upright after feed and a wrap is invaluable for doing that and retaining sanity. Also leg pumping and tummy massage if they'll let you.

DS was frankly inconsolable no matter what we tried, but DD is more amenable to our efforts.

I am very knowledgable about wind!

GingaNinja Thu 20-Aug-09 20:32:59

Thanks all, much appreciated. smile

Diddl:She's on Size 2 teats (& Dr Brown bottles) - when she was on size 1 she took 2 hours to take 2 oz and then gave up so weight gain issues. She's been on the size 2s for over a month and the (severe) wind problem is much more recent. I think she's having a growth spurt an' all which may not be helping with savage style eating.

Rabbit:Have a wrap sling thing but Herself hasn't been a fan though will give it another go.

FmcF:Croup IS a cough...which merely added to my expletives deleted non-regard for Dr Gobshite MD and her quack quals from whichever mickey mouse university she went to.

Last feed just now not so bad, strangely, (happy baby even made an unexpected guest appearance!) though quick bout of screeching while trying to settle her to sleep (wind was waking her up and she was knackered). Bathtime maybe helped? Who knows. Will find Colief and see if it works (if it'll mix with Gavescon). Hairband good luck with your lad and let me know if you find owt that works!

wukter Fri 21-Aug-09 09:15:43

Hi Ninja, someone mentioned gripewater, it worked for us, what is handy is that you give it after a feed if neccesary. I tried the Infacol too but kept forgetting to give it. You'll have to see if anyone is heading to Newry etc though as not sold in Republic. (THough I checked with GP, he couldn't recommend it but admitted he gave it to his own).
That is so frustrating about the GP, I had a pretty similar experience for her six week check - oh yes baby appears fine, nothing else? - shooed out. Was standing on the pavement with my lips still forming a question.

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