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Galactocele, sore lump in breast

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Emmos Tue 18-Aug-09 22:52:00

Has anyone had a galactocele? My sister has just had her first baby 2 months ago, was breastfeeding and developed what was first thought to be mastitis. She was given numerous courses of antibiotics which didn't help and the lump got larger (size of an orange) and more painful until she could no longer breastfeed due to the fact that no milk was coming out of the breast and baby couldn't latch on due to distorted shape of breast. She's now had to have it drained (twice) and is still on antibiotics, but it keeps refilling (despite having stopped breasfeeding) and is still red and painful. She's worried it's never going to clear up. Just wondered if anyone's experienced this and how they got rid of it?

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