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8 month old BF baby refusing bottle

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Fufulina Mon 17-Aug-09 17:02:03

Hi all - looking for some tips. My DD (just 8 months) having taken the odd bottle of EBM (the last about 2 months ago) is completely refusing bottles.

I left her with DH for the day a couple of weeks ago and she went 6.30am until 4pm without a feed as she refused all bottles - formula and EBM.

I have just tried again and she completely refused a bottle again (was using formula). I'm not trying to wean her onto formula, but have got a couple of dates in the diary when I'll be away from her when she'll need feeding. And the big worry is a wedding in about a month when my mum will be putting her to bed - so she'll need to feed her before bed. Has anyone got any tips for how to persuade her to take a bottle? Should I just go with a beaker/cup instead?


minipinkscottish Mon 17-Aug-09 19:55:22

Hi OMG totally sympathise and empathise with you...been therehmm

I have 6 dc and dd1 and ds4 did this to mesad I spent a fortune on bottles and teats and different milk and pumps......waste of time........however....I went out....I went back to work and they didn't starvewink By 8mths your lo will be getting enough from her food to sustain her for short periods of time....try being sneaky and add lots of milk to food and give yogurt etc...offer a cup with every meal and not just ones with baby spouts...lo's are so curious that she will prob want to try sipping from plastic beaker with your

believe me I know you feel bad...I put myself through hell trying to find the solution but really she'll be fine...persevere...good luck xxxxxgrin

Chunkamatic Mon 17-Aug-09 20:02:47

This happened to me with DS from 6 months old. He had had the occassional bottle up to then, but I went away for the night and the rascal wouldn't take any milk at all, I had to come home early I was so worried! BUT he was fine. He had just started solids so he did still have some nutrients.

I'm sorry to tell you that I never, ever got him to accept a bottle. I tried all sorts and he point blank refused at all times. We started using a cup with him, which he would drink from but he would not drink formula milk from.

Interestingly though, I breatsfed for a year and just after his birthday I started giving cows milk in a cup which he loved and still does!

It's hard when you have to leave her, but for a few hours they'll be no problems. When your mum has her overnight then try and practice with the cups before then and she might be fine. If she is you'll save yourself of having to wean her off the bottle on to cups as she'll have cut that corner herself!!

Fufulina Mon 17-Aug-09 20:23:11

Thanks both for your replies. Mum isn't having her overnight - am coming home from the wedding (we're having to come home as Mum and Dad are away very early the next morning). But - so worried that she won't settle without boob (although she does for naps and what have you). Thought I might get DH to put her to bed and see if she goes down with (or without!) milk.

Grr. Thought we had it cracked as she had been fine. I just haven't been giving her bottles regularly. Agree though - when she went 6.30am until 4pm she was fine - just demolished her lunch and snacks (she's BLW). But - I just worry about mum having a nightmare putting down a very hungry baby.

Is it even worth persevering? She has (miniscule amounts of) water at mealtimes out of a cup - but flatly refused the formula out of that as well. And my mind sprials into total worry about EVER leaving her EVER again and her always wanting boob the whole time. That's what sleep deprivation does to you I reckon!

Thanks again

Chunkamatic Mon 17-Aug-09 22:08:14

I used to worry the same, how would anyone settle DS without the boob. But i think they react differently to different people. She will know it's not you and so know that there isn't any boob to be had, iykwim!

Also, if she is reasonably well established on solids your mum shouldn't be having to deal with a hungry baby as she will have had sustenance from her solid foods in the day.

She'll be fine and so will you, once you have done it once you will feel better about leaving her, and as she gets older she will start to drink more from the cup too. You will worry worry worry (like i did) and then one day it wont be an issue anymore and you'll wonder why all the fuss! You know how it goes with all these little trials our baby's send us!

Fufulina Tue 18-Aug-09 11:04:00

Thanks Chunkamatic. Wise words. DH off today so had a lie in and feeling much more optimistic about everything!

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