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BBC article: Breastfeeding Lead Midwife

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alexpolismum Mon 17-Aug-09 15:12:36

article here

I didn't know there was a specific job like this - I thought all midwifes were expected to help with bf (even if they don't always)

LazyJournosCutAndPasteFromMN Mon 17-Aug-09 17:22:27

Our local hospital has one but I'm not really sure how hands on she is.

Her job is not well advertised to patients so I'm not really sure how she gets her referrals.

Our local hospital is baby friendly though and there was lots of support for BFers (although sadly less for those who chose to FF)

It's a great role if used to it's fullest potential.

LazyJournosCutAndPasteFromMN Mon 17-Aug-09 17:23:43

fullest? obviously mean full.

Don't want the Grammar Police after me.

reikizen Mon 17-Aug-09 17:32:20

Yes, we have one too. She co-ordinates training and writes the policy for our Trust. She is an 'infant feeding co-ordinator' but in practice she focuses on breastfeeding because we are 'Baby Friendly' and only offer the minimal support to formula feeding mums. She is very good and a mine of useful information. And yes, all midwives are supposed to help with breastfeeding, but some have more skills/commitment in that area than others.

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