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Stopping bf

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evansmummy Fri 27-May-05 12:19:30

Think I'm gonna have to start weaning off breast. Ds is nearly 6 months and is getting worse and worse at b/feeding. He gets really easily distracted then just gets bored of sucking. He's nearly alwys had a top-up from a bottle in the evenings and I thinkik he's prefer to have a bottle all the time. Thing is that I don't really want to give up the 'bond'. I love bf him so much, even though it has never been a particularly comfortable or easy situation. Can anyone give me some motivation/support please?

hunkermunker Fri 27-May-05 12:21:40

This is a typical age for babies to get nosey and distractible. DS used to get distracted by a particularly interesting bit of wall, or my arm.

If you want to keep bfeeding, then do. He will settle down soon. DS would feed through a thunderstorm now (he's 13mo).

tiktok Fri 27-May-05 12:32:36

Just carry on, HM says, this is normal in babies of this age. If you think breastfeeding is better for him, and you don't want to give up, then hang on in are his mum, there will be many, many times in the next 20 years you know better than him what's good for him

NotQuiteCockney Fri 27-May-05 12:34:52

Feeding in boring places helps. I find DS2 won't feed in public very much (or when he does, it's a charming "three sucks, pull off, look around, go back" style, which is rather annoying). But he feeds well in his room before going to bed, and in my bed, whenever.

Magscat Wed 15-Jun-05 21:22:07

Hi Evansmummy. I remember you from the 'distractable' babies thread ages ago so I know you've had this problem for a while.
Me too. DD is 5.5 months and still hopeless at settling down to feed if there is anything more interesting (her brother, her Daddy, the TV, the cat, her toys) to look at or listen to. She still feeds best when she is really sleepy but she is taking bottles of ebm now I've gone back to work.

Have you started solids at all? Do you think it might be possible to feed a mixture of breast, bottle & solids? (& maybe express to keep up demand)

CheekyGirl Wed 15-Jun-05 21:45:52

Hi Magscat and Evansmummy - thought I'd join this new 'distractible babies' thread!!!!
Ds is now almost 6 months and also just the same!! He too feeds best when sleepy. If he's not sleepy he just sucks manically until the rush of the let down is over and then comes off grumbling and refuses more although he's obviously still hungry. He wouldn't even do this much in public. We've kind of settled into a funny sort of routine with this, feeding him before his two daytime naps and bedtime and during the night, with his funny little 'snacks' in between. it's far from how I imagined bf would be, but hey!

icklelulu Thu 16-Jun-05 10:44:18

my ds is 6 months and has been very easily distracted when feeding for a while now! its just a phase they go through as the world gets more interesting! keep going as Im sure your ds loves it as much as you do

Magscat Thu 16-Jun-05 13:48:06

Evans - how are you feeling about all this now? I'm just thinking about introducing formula because I'm back at work full time (on a lunch break now ) and I can't express as much as she needs so I'm fast running out of ebm.

Cheeky - good to hear from you too.

How come I haven't seen either of you on the Dec 04 Babies thread?

evansmummy Thu 16-Jun-05 15:00:22

Mags and Cheeky - hello!!!

Ds is 6 months now and we've just started some solids, mainly because I thought we should, not particularly cos he wants/needs it. It's not going very well, though. He's just not interested, clamps his little mouth shut to rice, carrots and pears, so far. I'm persevering, though, bit like with the bf, really!

I contacted La Leche about the bf problem, who told me it was nipple confusion and that I should stop all bottles and dummies. Yeah right!!

So we've swapped the 6.30pm feed for a bottle, sometimes formula, sometimes ebm. It was just getting impossible, like yours, cheeky, he was ok for the letdown then just screamed blue murder! So dh gives him the bottle before bed, and I expressed for a while so as not to go through the swollen boobs thing. Have now stopped expressing though!

Will see how solids go, then I guess the next bf to go will be the dreamfeed, then replace the 2.30 pm with a bottle.

I don't feel too guilty about it, more sad really. I always said I'd do the first six months, and I've made it, so I'm proud of myself really! It's just a shame, cos it's not the same giving a bottle. More work, too!! I am such a lazy mumy

Mags, If expressing is getting boring, there's nothing wrong with going on to formula now, but if it's going ok, there's no need to stop! I personally would love to carry on bf, but it's getting to be really hard work with his restlessness, and his biting (yeah, he's got two teeth, and I can't get him to stop doing it). But I can totally understand wanting to stop expressing, it must be hard work! Do you have to express at work, MC?

I didn't know there was a due in december thread!! Where?? Also, whilst I was pregnant, I didn't use MN but Bounty, but since I have boycotted Bounty (far less interesting, and far more annoying, IMO!), I may need to know where the due thread is! Hopes your both ok, and good to hear from you both!

Magscat Thu 16-Jun-05 19:06:03

Hi again evansmummy. I think it's amazing you've persevered so far given how difficult bf has been for you - teeth already Well done you for sticking with it!

Re. Expressing. I don't find it difficult when I am really full so I can get maybe 8oz on a lunchtime (yes at work) but then it's more of a struggle getting anything out when I try in the evenings. I don't mind doing it if it means I can get her to 6 months just on bf but she drinks twice what I can express in a day so I think it will be formula next week. Just hope I can combine so she can carry on bf for a while yet.

The Dec o4 thread is here

Just a thought if your little one is not keen on solids could you not just forget about them for a bit and see if he gets more interested in bf?

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