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Need advice on breastfeeding, please

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gembobs Sun 16-Aug-09 22:17:43

Up until my DS(11weeks) was 7 weeks old i BF day n most of the night but i was finding it a real struggle in the evenings as he just cluster fed and it was tiring me out.

My sister then said why don'y u give him bottles of formula food at night as it is thicker and will help him settle at night so i started doing this and he does settle better at night now.

I have now noticed that he don't really want the breast during the day, he just wants sleep all the time, he will ave about 4 BF during the day and he can only be on for about 15/20 minutes then wants to go sleep.

Now i am worried that he don't want the breast just bottles so i am thinking of putting him back on the breast day and night again.

Any suggestions really appreciated.

GruffaloMama Sun 16-Aug-09 22:30:47

Hi - congrats on your little boy! I'd recommend talking to one of the breastfeeding helpines - they'd be able to talk you though how to increase the number of breastfeeds if that's what you'd like to do.
La Leche League:
0845 1202918
Association of Breastfeeding Mothers:
08444 122949
National Childbirth Trust:
0870 4448708
Breastfeeding Network:
0844 4124664
National Breastfeeding Helpline:
08442 090920

I've called the NCT and the ABM ones and they've both been really helpful and practical (and not at all judgey-pants). My DS cluster fed in the evenings til he was about 13 weeks. It is really tiring but it did get easier, until he fed at 6pm, 8pm and 11pm (rather than constantly from 6-10ish). You might also find that his feeds are getting shorter during the day because he's getting more efficient at feeding, is more aware of stuff around him and your supply is better established.

Hope that helps - good luck with it.

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