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weight gain in breast fed babies...

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AliGrylls Sun 16-Aug-09 11:29:56

my baby's weight gain has been really good (1/2 lb per week). Howver I took him to weigh-in clinic 2 weeks ago and hv said he was falling below 9th centile - when he was 7 weeks. Weighed him on Friday and he has only gained 1/2 lb in two weeks. Puts me off going back to clinic as they are not encouraging with breastfeeding. He is 4.6 kgs at present. dh is starting to worry about his weight gain. Has onyone who has bf'ed also had this problem of slow weight gain? Is there a solution? I am feeding on demand and have had people look at my positioning so I am sure is not a problem directly related to feeding.

logrrl Sun 16-Aug-09 11:41:23

Hi! there are lots of people with these sorts of concerns if you look at older posts. MY DS has just moved up past the 9th centile, at 19 weeks (hurrah!). I worried myself sick until I decided to stop weighing him every week and instead take guidance from my baby, i.e. be reassured by the healthy happy boy in front of me and probably a bit of offering a feed at the smallest grumble wink. He never gained 1/2 lb a week at any time though, and no one apart from me was ever even remotely concerned. My HV has only ever weighed him 3 times! You don't say that your HV was actually concerned by his weight, just that they commented?? Is it only you that's worried? For what it's worth, maybe your DH could be most supportive by simply continuing to be positive about your decision to BF and soothing your concerns and trying not to join in with your anxiety! That's what helped me-a whole host of people, particularly DH and Mum, saying to keep going and that I was doing a good job...

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