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BouncingTurtle Sun 16-Aug-09 07:38:30

Elliemama - your comment 'He is a very happy, bright, physical child. He is also very independent when out and about but very clingy at home.' could be about my ds, he is the same!
I'd say we probably follow attachment parenting, though we don't actively co-sleep(he has slept with us on an off, and I do get into bed with him if he wakes up at night and sometimes fall asleep there!), and he hated being in a sling!
He is nearly 20mo, and showing no sign of weaning, I reckon he feeds about 2-3 times a day, sometimes less if we are out and about (though I did feed him in Flamingo Land a couple of times because it was hot and he was getting really grumpy), he also feeds at least once during the night - yet I would say he is a good eater! He eats 3 meals, plus snacks during the day, mainly fruit and the odd plain biscuit, though he will not touch cow's milk except in his cereal. He does love cheese and yoghurt though.
If he is a little bit upset, or he thinks I am not paying attention to him he will sign for milkies and I'll feed him.
Oh and my periods returned when ds was 9 weeks old shock

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