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I am the leaky lady - when will it settle down?

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onehitwonder Sat 15-Aug-09 22:03:27

DS is now almost 10 weeks old and exclusively breastfed. I appear to have a healthy supply to say the least and seem to get drenched everytime I feed him, a combination of me leaking and him dribbling. I have now resorted to feeding him in our bed pretty much naked (me) blush grin, as otherwise, my bra and top get sodden despite attempts at strategically placed muslins. It was never like this with my DD. Please tell me it will settle down.
I am down in London next week visting family and hoping to do a day out (natural history museam), but currently wondering how I will manage feeding DS while we are out due to this. I guess taking a change of clothes for me might be the best idea?

AmIDoingThisRight Sun 16-Aug-09 13:56:06

I feel your pain onehitwonder - you sound like me this time last year! I had massive oversupply issues, took to feeding DS with a jug over the other side to catch the surplus and ended up more or less filling the jug each time. People kept telling me I was lucky to have so much. Hmm.

Was grim! I went through about 5 tops and bras a day for a while.

It does settle down though; it took me about 12 weeks if I remember rightly before I was able to feed in public (though stuffed with a folded muslin to catch anything).

I am still feeding him with absolutely no leaking now, 18 months on.

terf Wed 19-Aug-09 21:45:34

Hi I had massive oversupply as well but managed to travel to Dubai and all the way to Australia with DD. Breast pads were my best friends - I had a stack always around in case I needed them. Disposable, reusable, different brands you name it. If leakage is really strong then double pad and/or tissue paper outside the pad (all tucked in the bra). Plus breastfeeding tops that are layered can help. Also have you tried feeding from the one side for two consecutive feedings before moving on to the next? Since your LO is only 10 weeks your supply will probably settle down soon - with me it lasted till well on to 5 months. DD is now 7 months and I still get the occasional leak, but not too bad now. This link may help

onehitwonder Mon 24-Aug-09 20:58:19

Thanks for the replies - i have been away for the week, hence only just seen them smile.

fadingfast Mon 24-Aug-09 21:45:59

I was also very leaky, which settled down a bit by about 4/5 months but still pretty leaky until about 8 months. Decent pads helped (lansinoh my personal favourite) and I also used breast cups to catch leaking from the opposite side to feeding. Originally I got some from Boots, but used to leak through the air holes (intended to help heal cracked nips I think)! Better ones were from Medela (ordered them direct from the company). Saved a lot on having to change pads all the time.

FSB Fri 28-Aug-09 22:13:44

i'm in the same position at the moment ('fizzing' nipples, soaking through breast pads and choking the baby because the flow is too fast), my DD is only 6 weeks old... bit depressing that i might have to put up with it until she's 5-8 months!!

Montifer Fri 28-Aug-09 22:18:26

My sister was also a very leaky lady in her early bf days.
She donated her leaked milk to local neonatal unit for the prem babies.
They sent her breast shells to collect leakage and little bottles to freeze it. They did a weekly collection from her house.
Her oversupply did settle down after a few months.

Montifer Fri 28-Aug-09 22:19:51

Sorry, that doesn't help you for trips out. Think she found woollen washable pads to be the most absorbent.

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