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Ending BF after 15 months - feel so sad

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fusili Sat 15-Aug-09 12:03:20

I have exclusively BF DD for 15 months and decided to stop (for various, boring, complicated, valid reasons), but feel so so so sad. I have enjoyed it so much, as I did with DS (who I did the same with), and will miss it.I would just like a cuddle, really, and 'well done', if anyone is out there. Thanks.

CharCharGabor Sat 15-Aug-09 12:06:16

<<cuddles fusili>> You've done brilliantly, be very proud of yourself smile

DrCosyTiger Sat 15-Aug-09 14:14:23

And a big cuddle from me and my little 5 month DD as well. You've done brilliantly - you should be soooo proud of yourself. I found BF so incredibly hard in the early days but now I really enjoy it too. I'm having to wind it down a bit for my return to work in a month's time (although still hoping to do it in morning and evening) so I understand a bit how you feel.

spiderlight Sat 15-Aug-09 18:00:31

((( hug ))) Well done - your daighter is a lucky little girl to have been given such a fab start. Eyes welling up for you because I know I'm going to be heartbroken when we stop.

JustcallmeDog Sat 15-Aug-09 18:03:02

Message withdrawn

NumptyMum Sat 15-Aug-09 18:15:28

and a cuddle from me; I'm thinking of stopping with DS who's nearly 2, also for various valid complicated reasons, so know a bit of how you feel. But the cuddles from your little one won't stop, they just won't require milk any longer...

daisyj Sat 15-Aug-09 20:18:05

Well done, and I'm very envy. Am in same position as CosyTiger, with 4 1/2 month DD. Am going to get DH to do first formula feed at 11 am tomorrow, and feeling very sad. I'd love to carry on bf exclusively. Hope you don't feel sad for too long. x

HelenBabyHToBe Sun 16-Aug-09 10:20:14

first of all - BIG BIG HUGS !!!!!! xoxoxo it is so hard the thought of not feeding any more - it is such an intimate thing to do isnt it. v v difficult the thought f stopping. hopefully in actual fact when we do it it wont be as bad..... heres hoping big time !

My wee gorgeous son is 11 months and 3 weeks old and am still exclusively breastfeeding. Going back to work 7th Spet so altho i could cont bfeeding am & pm I would like to try again to get pregnant. Is it correct that b feeding even 4 times every 24 hours causes your fertility to be slghtly less. My period has just came back this week?!?!

any thoughts!? hx

logrrl Sun 16-Aug-09 11:47:20

Well done. I am full of admiration for your obvious dedication to giving your baby the best start. Good luck with TTC!

fusili Sun 16-Aug-09 19:40:04

Thanks, guys. It has been brilliant. The best thing ever.

drosophila Sun 16-Aug-09 19:44:00

I sometimes think I went on too long with DD (2.5 years) as she won't touch cows milk and has a sweet tooth. I suspect the two are connected. 15 months is probably a perfect time to stop.

moondog Sun 16-Aug-09 19:48:51

Brilliant work. Well done.
You will feel so proud of yourself for the rest of your life.
(Btw, milk will be there fro a while yet, so you have the option of changing your mind.)

NumptyMum Sun 16-Aug-09 20:08:40

Just in case HelenBabyHtoBe is watching this thread still, bf CAN affect your fertility, affects everyone differently but certainly in my case we were trying for a long time with no results. It could have been other things though - I hadn't noticed my cycle was a bit shorter than the norm which probably didn't help. Read what KellyMom has to say on this, and do keep a note of your cycle in case it has changed. Wishing you well!

NumptyMum Sun 16-Aug-09 20:16:37

Also, HelenBabyHtoBe see this thread, if you've not already spotted it... very interesting reading.

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