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how do you know when to use a bigger teat?

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mckenzie Thu 26-May-05 19:19:22

I know all babies are different but as a general guide, how will I know when DD is ready for the next size teat? She's 12 weeks old and I'm currently using Avent No 2 teats but have the No 3 teats all ready and waiting.
I used Maws variflow with DS so he was on the same teat all the time but for some reason, I haven't used them this time around.

jessicasmummy Thu 26-May-05 19:19:51

jess is 10 months old and still on slow flow!

foxd Thu 26-May-05 19:28:50

I found that both my boys used to all of a sudden struggle with the teat, they would get really upset. They would start to suck and then would let go and cry for it and let go arch there backs and cry out of hunger, it would have a knock on effect too because they were hungry they hardly slept. More so with my fist son with the second I recognised the behaviour. My hv suggested trying the next size up teat and each time it worked.

TinyGang Thu 26-May-05 19:38:39

Ok, this was a while ago for me and I'm sure you'll get some more up to date advice, but..I seem to remember that I moved onto a faster flow because my baby was sucking so much that the teat was sort of collapsing because she was sucking faster than the milk could come out.

The baby also seems quite unsatisfied and frustrated by this. I don't recall the age they progressed onto this though (all a blur now!) If you go to a faster flow though, sometimes it can come out too fast and make the baby splutter. Just watch for any signs of frustration etc that your baby is giving you. Your dd may be quite happy with a slow flow for some time - just depends on the individual and how fast they want to feed.

Can't remember if we tried variflow teats with any of ours - I know I found the array and number of brands quite confusing though and just played it by ear a bit. You could give her a little try on the next size as you have some, just to see if she prefers it

chipmonkey Thu 26-May-05 20:59:48

Actually, just had the most awful 2 weeks trying to get ds3 to take a bottle at all. He's still breastfed but I'm going back to work in July so he has to take a bottle! We finally had success with the MAM teat in the size 1 but today it collapsed when he was sucking it. Should I move up a size? I definitely don't want anything happening to put him off the bottle again.

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