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Clicky noises when BFing, I remember it's bad but what is it?

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mrsfix Fri 14-Aug-09 14:54:06

and anyone have any advice how to solve it?

DD is 11 weeks today (wow!) and BF is still a painful thing for me, though not so hideous as about a month ago - mentally too since the HVs and the GP are happy about a previously questionable weight gain.

The county BF guru is off on her hols and I don't know who else to ask but desperately don't want this to make things even worse.

Thanks as always

MrsBadger Fri 14-Aug-09 15:01:40

sounds like you need help in rl with latch adjustment

the clicking is the same noise you get when an adult makes a 'tut tut' noise, ie the suction between tongue and palate breaking

has said guru any mates?
baby cafe nearby?

if not try the hlepline humbers on the right hand side here and ask if they have anyone in your area

mrsfix Fri 14-Aug-09 16:25:06

That's the one - the sort of noise you might make to a horse?!

Devastated to hear the word latch again sad The first 40 people to see her couldn't tell us enough how great a latch we had (inc. aforementioned 'guru') and how lucky we were, then after pouring my heart out on MN at 7ish weeks it became clear that it couldn't be all that good. Went to BF grp and it got a bit better then the pain plateaued and is going nowhere.

When guru isn't on hols there can be 16 people to see her in 2 hours, it just feels like DD will be in school by the time we get this sorted. But, I refuse to give up.

There are other baby & toddler groups where you can see a peer support worker but it is like a playgroup rather than a bunch of bf-troubled women all in the same boat and, tbh, I don't relish the idea of bursting into tears in a room full of parents and children.

Would a Baby Cafe be like this? Sorry for being so dim, I don't even know if it is an actual thing or just a general description of any old cafe where Mums meet up for a cup of tea.

To prevent making a total public spectacle of myself, are there BF-ey type people who you can see one to one? I'm a bit church-mousey in the finance dept but would happily try to beg the rellies for an advance on next 10 years birthdays!

elkiedee Fri 14-Aug-09 17:24:18

Baby Cafes are breastfeeding support groups run along certain principles - normally once a week.

I know my local bf support groups are on holiday for August, which seems hard on people having babies/problems right now.

I would try the helplines or a baby cafe/other group even if you can travel to one which is still running, even if it's a bit further away. There are paid for experts who advise on breastfeeding, and some may have qualifications, but there are also people working in this area calling themselves experts who appear to have very little training, updating or supervision.

Perhaps you could try to see a peer support worker but ask if there's a quiet space to talk to her (peer support workers are supposed to be mums who have breastfed so I am assuming a female).

kitkatqueen Fri 14-Aug-09 17:42:10


please don't let this get to you. You are doing a fabulous job. You have to remember that your dd is now 11 weeks old - she has grown and her mouth will have changed shape a bit. I had this with dd1 and it was the main reason she needed her latch adjusted. The local b/feeding guru I spoke to worked for the bfn and was fantastic - she would also come out to peoples houses to help them in a more relaxed environment.

There is a 24hr helpline on the bfn website. I really reccommend giving them a call.

mrsfix Fri 14-Aug-09 19:28:50

Thank you so much Elkie and Kitkat - so nice to hear when you are falling to pieces!!

I met Kiki Dee once, she was lovely. So are you smile

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