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What could cause a good latch to be 'not right' and will it fix itself?

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Misspaella Fri 14-Aug-09 07:59:49

So I have been BF for 6 weeks and I am still in agony.

DS was born with a tongue tie and had it released at 6 days old and again at nearly 5 weeks old (it was posterior).

Because of this he has been pinching a bit of my nipple when we feed and it still causing cracking in my left nipple and soreness in my right.

I have had 3 lactation consultants come out and guide me with my latch and I have been to various NCT and BFN bf support groups watch me feed.

No one can understand why the feeding is not comfortable yet. I keep being told it will get better once DS gets bigger.

Different positions doesn't help either. It just pinches a different part of the nipple and I am getting quite good at the cross cradle so want to stick at that.

Could it simply be the tongue still needs to exercise itself out? Is it DS's mouth? He doesn't have a high palate so that can't be causing it.

It seems it is a physiological matter and just wondering if anyone has had this problem too and does it right itself eventually?!?

I was hoping that once we reached 6 weeks I would have reached the infamous mark of no more toe curling feeds.

minipinkscottish Fri 14-Aug-09 08:22:06

do you get any pain deep in the breast or under your arm or even through to your back? If so it could be deep internal thrush. I have 6 dc's and had a big prob bf number 4......painful latch and pain in breast and visible outward signs of thrush and no visible signs on one seemed to be able to help and it went on and on for weeks....eventually I came across an article on the net and thought that's it....I went to docs and said this is waht I have and told her the meds I needed.....she agreed to let me try and within 2 weeks it was much better and after 3 everything was perfect. Ask your hv if this could be your prob...
Good luck xxxxxxxxxxxx

minipinkscottish Fri 14-Aug-09 08:24:56

Just remembered the name of the meds....fluconazole

Misspaella Fri 14-Aug-09 10:22:31

No it's not thrush (just been treated for that) or mastitis (just had that too!). The pain comes from the nipple damage which no one can seem to understand why it is happening.

I have actually just counted that 9 people have seen me feed and helped me with my latch. It seems to be pure biology (his mouth/tongue and my breasts aren't a great match yet). hmm

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