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How do I stop the final bedtime feeds?

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BelleAtrix Thu 13-Aug-09 09:43:49

My ds is 9.5mths, and I'm hoping to bf him until 12mths then stop. He is not fussed by his daytime feeds - he can go without if necessary, and I stopped demand feeding months ago as he had stopped asking; I fed by the clock to try to get feeds in.

However, the bedtime feed and one feed during the night are comforting for him and are the only time he needs feeds as part of the sleep routine - how do I stop these?

Thanks for any advice/experiences!


muddleduck Thu 13-Aug-09 10:14:37

My dc were both a bit older when I did this, but what I did was to first shift his evening feed to before bath time. That way ds got used to going to sleep without being fed but still had a tummy full of milk. Then once that was working fine I switched the feed to cows milk from a beaker.

With ds2 we also had the night feed issue and we just went though a brief period were DH would go to him if he woke and offered him a beaker of water. He soon stopped bothering to ask grin

worked well for us.
good luck smile

Builde Thu 13-Aug-09 10:24:21

At about 9.5 months a child will enjoy a bedtime story. So you could introduce this on top of a feed and then - after a few weeks - get Dad to put him to bed with just the story.

This is how I stopped feeding my oldest; got DH to do the bedtime thing. We had few months when, if I put her to bed, I would feed her but my husband would put her to be without a feed (obviously).

You could offer a cup of water or milk instead.

BelleAtrix Thu 13-Aug-09 14:22:51

Thanks - the night feeds are difficult, as it seems to be either I feed him, and we are both in bed after 10mins, or up to 2 hrs crying, however when I go back to work I will be doing 11hr days and don't want to be up at all if I can help it!!

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