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Is it ok to use the breast pump I had for DD 3 years ago?

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olivo Tue 11-Aug-09 19:38:41

some of the rubber bits look a bit yellow but i can't see any cracks or anything? is it safe if it is washed thoroughly then sterilised?

puffylovett Tue 11-Aug-09 19:44:49

don't see why not, i shall watch with interest as I plan to use the one I had 2.5 yrs ago !

HoppityBunny Tue 11-Aug-09 21:29:30

I still use the one I bought 6 yrs ago! But I had never used it to actually feed my babies, I used it for over engorgement.

olivo Wed 12-Aug-09 11:16:45

I guess I'll give it a go if and when I need it. Could do without the expense of another one!

ladylush Thu 20-Aug-09 17:46:04

I used the one I bought 5 years ago. It's a bit creaky but otherwise fine!

StealthPolarBear Fri 21-Aug-09 10:19:38

i would definitely hope so - I'll be using the same one I used for 2.5 yo DS.
You can't buy them new each time surely!

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