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hello, advice needed please on newborn feeding

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twolittlekings Tue 11-Aug-09 09:29:19

Hello, would really like to get advice as I am a new parent again after 4 years and DS2 very different from DS1, plus am a bit rusty on what to do!

DS2 is 3 weeks and eats very well (breast) and has already regained his birthweight plus more despite being quite small. During the day i feed every 2-3 hours when he wants to feed but pretty much from day 1 in the evening he sleeps from 8pm until 2am then wakes for a feed and then back (mostly but not always) until 6 am. Whilst it is nice to have the evening, the problem witn this is at 2am I am in a lot of pain from breast engorgement and also worry that my milk supply is being affected.

Should I try and wake DS2 at 11pm for another feed and then he may not need to have a 2am feed and sleep until 6am or shall I let things lie? Have tried but he often will not wake up! DS1 always woke at 11pm for a feed so I worry that DS2 is missing out on a vital feed. Any advice would be gratefully rececived.

mummy2JJ Tue 11-Aug-09 09:48:37

Lucky you getting 6 hours unbroken sleepwink

Personally, I would just either carry on as you are and your boobs will gradually adjust or you could always express the extra milk and freeze it for a rainy day!

You could wake your baby at 11 but I found it better to let my baby set up his own night time feeding routine. Hope this helps

daisyj Tue 11-Aug-09 09:54:34

Agree with above mummy2JJ. You might change your mind if you DS2's patterns changes, which it may well do, but at the moment I would say 'if it ain't broke...'. I had similar to you, and always hesitated about doing a dream feed. Tried it once or twice, but she never woke enough to take a proper feed and woke at 2/3 anyway. Since 3 weeks her patterns have changed 2 or 3 times at least, so I would give it another few weeks as you are. I sympathise with the discomfort you're having. DD (18 weeks) slept through last night for only the third time ever, but I was up at 4 emergency expressing! I think your milk supply will adjust if DS patterns change, so I wouldn't worry about that - mine certainly did.

twolittlekings Tue 11-Aug-09 10:27:49

Thanks for this - yes I will leave it - although still going to bed really late as it's the only time I get to myself at the moment. I am sure it will change soon anyway!

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