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Has my ds suddenly become more 'efficient' at feeding, just like that?!

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TomThumbMum Mon 10-Aug-09 10:14:15

ds is 17 wks old, he has always fed for a long time, 45 mins-1hr. Suddenly on saturday he started feeding a max of 10 mins each side, looking round constantly (he's still taking half an hour at night). I know babies start to become more aware and easily ditracted at this age, but is it possible that he has suddenly become super efficient at feeding? I'm only concerned that this might cause my supply to decrease massively if he isn't draining breast as much as he used to. I've sat in quiet room, worn feeding necklace to avoid his distraction but he's still only taking 10mins per side. I'm not sure what to do with all this extra time! Does anyone have any advice ie could this be temporary, will my supply be affected - he does seem to be bobbing on and off and is quite fretful this morning? many thanks

cfc Mon 10-Aug-09 10:17:38

My son is the same at 13.5 weeks. I am putting it down to distraction.

Although, when he switched from taking a long time to feed to being 10 mins each side I did used to fight with him as I was convinced it wasn't right, so I tried to put him back on and on again...turns out he just got better at feeding and that was that. He doesn't take long at all to feed now, apart from the fussiness which comes with age and perhaps teeth.

Wet nappies and good weight gain prove it's all ok and my supply has now settled to match his needs, although I pump twice a day to donate for SCBU babies and still get enough, as long as I keep that up.

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