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Leaving dd for the first time - what do I need to do?

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Hulla Sun 09-Aug-09 18:35:13

A former colleague of mine is leaving the country this week and has asked me to go for a meal to say goodbye. It will be my first night out since dd's birth (6.5 months) and I am worrying about it a bit.

She is bf and doesn't have a bottle, the last time we tried she refused so we left it. We began BLW a couple of weeks ago so she is trying lots of things but not really eating to stop hunger.

We co-sleep and she feeds to sleep, if she wakes she usually feeds back to sleep. She doesn't really settle for dh anymore.

I don't know what to do, I doubt I will be out late enough for her to wake from hunger but i guess its possible. Should I express and let her have it from a sippy cup? She's only just getting used to using one and I know she bf in the night for comfort as much for food.

As much as I am looking forward to going out, I don't want to leave dd hungry or unable to settle.

Any ideas? What do you do when you leave your dc?

K999 Sun 09-Aug-09 19:06:26

Go out - enjoy yourself!! You deserve a night out. Tbh this may be the first time that she take a bottle/cup! If she is hungry she will take it and if not it's not like you will be gone for the whole

Hulla Sun 09-Aug-09 20:23:13

Thanks K999, I did wonder if I was being dramatic! smile

hairymelons Sun 09-Aug-09 21:31:02

It's always a worry the first time. Leave a bottle, if she doesn't take it they can try the cup. If she doesn't take that or settle back down then the worst case scenario is probably that they'll be downstairs watching telly together awaiting your return!
Enjoy your well deserved evening out

Hulla Mon 10-Aug-09 08:33:15

Ha ha! I'll get expressing then. Thanks hairymelons.

I'm going to spend the whole meal wondering what she's doing aren't I? smile

greensnail Mon 10-Aug-09 09:59:49

I had my first evening out a couple of weeks ago, didn't leave any milk as she doesn't usually wake in the night, and if she does it isn't until the early hours. I also thought if she does wake then i feed her for comfort but with DH she'd probably be ok with just a cuddle as she doesn't expect milk from him!

Anyway, I had a great time, although had a background worry the whole time (especially as i had no phone signal in the restaurant). Got home to find them both fast asleep, am thoroughly looking forward to doing it again.

Hope you have a great time

Hulla Mon 10-Aug-09 11:07:21

thanks greensnail I'll let you know how it goes! smile

Hulla Fri 14-Aug-09 08:01:37

Little update, I fed dd at about 6.30pm and went for the meal at 7pm. DH text to say she'd fallen asleep.

At 8.20pm I got a message asking if I could come back because she was crying and wouldn't settle. I got home and she was crying so much she couldn't catch her breath and dh told me he'd been trying to settle her for half an hour before he called so she'd been crying for an hour when I got home.

Aaargh, feeling very guilty today.

On the positive side, it was lovely to get dressed up and wear a bra that does flip down at the front. My friend was really pleased I made the effort and I got to say goodbye.

hairymelons Sun 16-Aug-09 21:35:42

Ah, glad you got out even if just for a short while. DS was the same with DH for a long while if it's any consolation. DH had to take over a bedtime when I went back to work as I had one evening shift. It took them a while to work out feeds & bedtime without me but they got there and now it's no problem for me to go out for the evening, which is lovely! So don't feel like you have to abandon nights out altogether

Hulla Wed 19-Aug-09 11:52:56

thanks hairymelons. It was lovely to have a night out and talk about non-baby things for a change.

DH was quite upset that she wouldn't settle for him so I hope they work it out soon - for his sake more than mine!

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