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Why have my periods returned when DS not even 5 months old and EBF, and has never slept through the night

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iwantitnow Fri 07-Aug-09 22:39:45

DS still wakes 1-3 times a night (normally twice), EBF a week away from being 5 months old and my period has returned today. With DD it was around 7 months when she started sleeping through (not keen on solids until a year old). Why oh why, had hoped to make it to a year this time. I wonder if it has anything to do with fertility. DH seems to have to just look at me and I'm pregnant even though I am about to leave my 30s. Was hoping for a bit longer. Does anybody know why this happens to some women. Sleep deprivation, a teething baby (first tooth emerged today) and a toddler to look after, the last thing I need is my period sad.

whomovedmychocolate Sat 08-Aug-09 17:05:21

Your lack of periods won't stop you getting pregnant (my DS is a testament to this) but sometimes it's just hard luck - especially with expressing you don't get the same stimulation but my periods have come back with DS at 11 months, first period I've had for nearly four years! (DD is nearly 3) - see how periods and pregnancy don't match up.

However, I have been feeding DS more and they've gone away again (hurrah! At least Aunty Flo is not staycationing wink)

FrameyMcFrame Sat 08-Aug-09 18:17:34

mine came back at 3 months and I also exclusively BF. Shit really. Was most dissapointed.

AnathemaDevice Sun 09-Aug-09 21:06:01

It's not fair, is it? I'm EBF DS on demand, he's up at least twice a night for a feed, and my periods came back when he was 9 weeks old. I don't think I've ever been so cross in my life!
We're going through teething too now (DS is 5 months), and it's horrible for all concerned, so you have my sympathies.

fishie Sun 09-Aug-09 21:09:08

mine came back at 5m with 2 hourly feeding (night too). and i am not at all fertile.

thisisyesterday Sun 09-Aug-09 21:13:18

no idea why it happens.
my period came back at 7 weeks pp with ds1 and ds2. this was despite ds2 feeding at least every 2 hours round the clock (usually more like every 45 mins)
i was pretty gutted
;like you i also wondered if it was a connection with fertility as i have been quite good at getting myself up the duff with very little effort too!

iwantitnow Sun 09-Aug-09 21:46:38

At least I am not alone, there must be some hormonal explanation. Were your periods regular from the first month - mine are normally bang on 28 days.

MrsTittleMouse Sun 09-Aug-09 21:49:50

I don't know, but it's you and me both. I managed to start my period with both my DDs when I was BFing and neither was sleeping through the night. hmm

frekkles Sun 09-Aug-09 21:53:24

mine came back when ds was 5 weeks. EBF and up thrice a night still. weird huh?

thisisyesterday Sun 09-Aug-09 22:05:20

yes, mine were regular as clockwork straight away.

Erbert Sun 09-Aug-09 22:07:26

I have a theory on this one - I think that it might be down to how much (cough) body fat you have.

It makes sense (to me anyway) that if you have more bodyfat you are capable of continuing to bf and sustain another pregnancy than if you do not.

Mine came back at four months with ds1 and seven months with ds2. I have a fair bit of fat reserves blush.

CarGirl Sun 09-Aug-09 22:09:49

Mine returned after 6 weeks with my youngest 2 dc, and yes I seem to be very fertile, annoying isn't it? Actually I was slim after those 2 as well so I don't think it's to do with body fat as the weight was just dropping off me?

MrsTittleMouse Sun 09-Aug-09 22:19:25

Ah, my fat reserves are doing quite well too. blushgrin

purpleduck Sun 09-Aug-09 22:36:44

With dd my periods returned after a few weeksangry
I had actually just stopped bleeding from the birth, and I got my period - I was seriously PO'd

CarGirl Sun 09-Aug-09 22:43:23

purpleduck I remember it so well, actually after my youngest I went and had the coil fitted quick!

purpleduck Sun 09-Aug-09 23:37:27

I had ten months with my first one, so I was hoping for the same...or more

I think I had average body fat reserves grin

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