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4 month old, sudden breast feeding problem, please help?

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Beesmummy Fri 07-Aug-09 10:07:46

My four month old daughter has always fed fairly well (slightly more difficult than her older sister, but I am lucky enough to breast feed pretty easily). But in the last couple of days she is suddenly only taking a tiny bit of milk, then pulling off the breast, getting really cross when I try to latch her on again, but bobbing her head around and wriggling in the way she does when she is really hungry. If I give her a finger or anything, she sucks really hard, but she won't go anywhere near my boobs. She is wriggling and head nodding now as if she is starving, but if I try to latch her on she will get really frustrated and cross - what am I doing wrong?! She is only taking the 'top' off my boobs, so I am worried that my milk supply is going to get less, and she must be hungry - although she slept all through the night as usual last night. Could it be teething? Or any other ideas? thanks

morocco Fri 07-Aug-09 10:12:13

could be teething so it hurts a bit when she's feeding? if so, it'll probably pass in a day or so - suppose you could always put some teething gel on first?
are you sure she's still hungry? she could be getting super efficient at feeding and just need less time to feed now
wow - sleeping through the night smile - am envious - doesn't sound like too much is wrong if she's sleeping through - would she do that if she was hungry usually?

otherwise can only think of something like thrush or a sore throat that's making it hurt when she feeds - any chance she could be a bit under the weather?

Beesmummy Fri 07-Aug-09 13:12:52

had to leave the computer - never seem to find time to sit down now with two! Will try the teething gel idea, thanks! She could be getting super efficient, but my breasts normally feel quite empty after a feed and they don't at the moment.

The only other thing I suddenly thought of is that she has had a massive growth spurt recently, so maybe the 'factory' went into overdrive to keep up - now she doesn't need so much but I am still producing gallons?

Anyway, as you said, not going to worry too much while she is still sleeping through, but thanks for the feedback. Will keep an eye out for thrush (neither child had it before, but think I am looking for white in the mouth? ) or other signs of sore throat.

(As for the sleeping, I would NEVER count my chickens (been there, done that!) but touch wood she is one of those weird children who has slept through the night since two months old without one broken night - in the beginning I was worried, but now I just thank my lucky stars!!!!! Sure I will have plenty to worry about later on - don't they say good baby = horrible teenager?!)

lilymolly Fri 07-Aug-09 18:49:01

there have been loads of threads on this topic this week grin

we are all going throught this with our 17/18/19 week old babies.

Its either a stage, distraction or teething.

Try not to worry about milk supply etc, and DONT worry about sleeping through the night, ENJOY IT envy

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