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Sorry, another breastfeeding and poo question

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Morcambe Thu 06-Aug-09 20:55:38

Sorry to ask what might be a silly question but I'm wondering of it's right that my DS (15 wks) poo should be quite so green. Up till now it's been the yellowish curdy stuff that I was expecting. It's been quite green for the past couple of days.
He is fine in himself - though does seem to suffer from wind pains. He is only having breastmilk - no formula.
Any ideas - should I worry?

RedDeadFail Thu 06-Aug-09 20:57:24

As a one off it is fine. It comes in all colours sometimes. Could be a mild upset tummy or cold. Is he well hydrated, weeing lots, alert, happy etc?

norktasticninja Thu 06-Aug-09 20:58:14

Probably no need to worry, it's most usually because they have a touch of colic or are fighting off an virus IME.

logrrl Thu 06-Aug-09 21:06:25

Hi! I have been talking about my 17 weeks old DS nappies so much lately I feel like the poo woman smile!
MY DS has been also producing more than the odd luridly green poo (as if he had been chewing grass is the only way i have been able to describe it) in amongst a LOT of dirty nappies and I don't know why - he is well although maybe feeding a bit more. I will be keeping an eye on this...I can't find any evidence for anything online apart from on the Jack Newman page, something to do with too much lactose due to too much hindmilk /not enough foremilk. I don't understand it really as DS is feeding the same as always (both sides every time) and I try not to get caught up in that hindmilk/foremilk stuff anyway. Maybe I should!

Morcambe Thu 06-Aug-09 21:21:03

Thanks for your replies. He seems happy in himself generally. It might be colic. He was very colicky early on but it seemed to clear so I passed my bottle of Infacol onto a friend. Maybe I'd better get it back and try that. He has been back to doing much wailing in the evening before settling to sleep - so I do think it's wind/digestive system.
I was also wondering if it's true that my intake of say dairy could be upsetting him.
Might try to drop the dairy for a week and see if it helps.
I must say I'm suprised there isn't more info out there on baby poo. Aside from the wailing, it is one of the few ways babies can tell us what is going on for them. wink

I'm with you Logrrl, it won't get me invited back to many BBQ's but the content of DS has become somewhat of an obsession with me lately too. grin

logrrl Thu 06-Aug-09 21:37:51

ooops I just saw that I f**ed that up-I did of course mean too much foremilk/not enough hindmilk. Oh, and I use Infacol before every feed...on repeat prescription! It hasn't provided the poo answer for us...

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