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22 week old started refusing normal feeds...please help xx

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clouiseg Thu 06-Aug-09 20:11:42

Hello all. DD is 22 weeks, c section birth. Weighed well at birth (8.15) but dropped to 7.14 in 72 hours with dehydration so ended up on Transitional Care. She was BF but due to the weight issue I was encouraged to mixed feed. She finished BF at 16 weeks and for the last 6 weeks has been taking solids (baby rice etc) as well as 7oz formula per feed. Her appetite is HUGE and she feeds every 3-4 hours without fail (apart from night times - she sleeps a full 8 hours & wakes up ravenous!). Her weight is healthy, she is a curvy little lady!

For the last week or so she has concerned DH and I with her apparent lack of appetite.

She is now refusing most of her feeds and we are stuggling to get her to take 5oz at a feed. It is not due to the solids as she is refusing them as well. We can not for love nor money get her to take any solids at all and she gets distressed if we persist.

Today for example she had one 3oz feed then three 5oz feeds which is the recommended amount for an 8 week old according to the packaging guidelines. We really struggled to get her to take the 5oz....and this is totally out of character for her, let alone alarming for a 5 month old. On average she has been having 5-6 small feeds a day for the last week.

Tbh, the lack of appetite is so unheard of for her that when she started I actually thought she was ILL!!

Does anyone have any advice at all? I don't see my HV anymore as we had a big fall out (thats another thread altogether lol). I'm wondering if I ought to involve the GP. She is my 3rd DD and never had this issue before so any help would be gratefully welcomed!

Many thanks xxx

lemur Thu 06-Aug-09 21:19:54

Um, if this was my DS, who is same age, I would call the GP tomorrow and want to be seen the same day. A week of not feeding/eating, that is a long time. My DD was tricky with feeding at this age, but in your place, I would still go to the Docs because if it something else, then your DD has already had a week of struggling with it. Hope she gets better soon.

clouiseg Fri 07-Aug-09 12:16:01

I have just called to speak to a different health visitor so just hanging on for a call back. We worked out what she had yesterday, and in a 24 hour period she only had 26oz.

I meant to mention that she is on baby gaviscon and has been for some time as she suffered reflux from birth. However, my GP is useless and I had to argue to get it put on repeat or she would scream and vomit for 2 hours after all feeds.

She has also been sick 2 hours after the feeds she has had in the last day or 2 (and it STINKS!!). Not sure if this is relevant?


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