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Help! Confused about what to do about 9 month old dd's intake of milk.

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suiledonn Thu 06-Aug-09 10:39:05

Hi, dd2 is almost 9 months old and up to recently was exclusively breastfeeding (apart from solids)
A couple of weeks ago she started refusing most of her daytime breastfeeds and was feeding frequently at night. I suspected a strike so gave her a chance to start up daytime feeds again but she didn't. I am happy enough to begin weaning to formula at this stage so started offering her a bottle. She started slowly - 2 -3 oz a couple of times a day and still lots of night feeding. After a few days she was taking 2 x 5oz bottles and reduced to 2 breastfeeds at night.
For the past couple of days now she has only been taking 1-2 oz formula x 2 and a bedtime breastfeed and 1 quick night feed.
I don't think that this is nearly enough milk. The guideline is 2 x 7oz bottles I think.
She drinks juice/water from a cup but will only mess around with the milk and maybe get an oz.
She does eat well but at this age I think they still need a lot of milk.
Am I worrying about it too much ? If I continue to offer will she take as much as she needs?
I would like to stop the nightfeeds at some stage but would be hesitant at the moment due to her low day time intake.

gingerbunny Thu 06-Aug-09 14:24:33

do you mix milk in with her meals? because this should be included in the 14oz a day.

hairymelons Thu 06-Aug-09 14:30:19

Agree, if she's ok with dairy products make sure she gets plenty then there's no panic over her milk intake. Also, if you express you can use EBM in her food as well.

suiledonn Thu 06-Aug-09 17:48:30

She has cows milk on her cereal and a yogurt everyday. I have given her cauliflower cheese once which she loved and also did a cheese sauce for pasta the other day. Also I usually mash her potatoes and veg with some unsalted butter and milk. I hadn't thought of that when looking at her dairy intake.
Not sure about cheese - is it too salty and also not really BLW although she is very good with any finger food I give her. What is the best way to give cheese?

hairymelons Thu 06-Aug-09 19:11:35

Sorry, am being a bit thick- do you mean cheese usn't BLW or your baby isn't?

Cheese is too salty to eat all the time but I give it to my son in fingers or cubes to munch on occassionally. Also grate it and mix into mashed potato. Not too often because I end up eating half..

Natural yoghurt is a good way to get dairy into them, no salt or sugar to worry about there.

If you count up all the milk/yoghurt she gets so far alongside the feeds you're probably not far off a pint a day.

suiledonn Thu 06-Aug-09 19:41:22

Oops, meant baby is not BLW. I'm always a bit nervous about choking but much better with dd2 than I was with dd1. I'm a bit cautious with cheese because I find it doesn't really dissolve in the mouth so she would need small amounts, but then too small could be a choking risk (or maybe not, I am a nervous type grin )

hairymelons Thu 06-Aug-09 20:46:29

It also melts in the mouth, so is much easier to eat than bread for example. My son choked very easily and was often sick with things like toast but could manage thin slices of cheese.
It is nerve wracking when they start eating un-pureed food. Have you tried really soft, over cooked green beans or carrot batons?

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