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Has anyone used Cranial Osteopathy to help with BF issues

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Misspaella Thu 06-Aug-09 05:46:20

DS is nearly 5 weeks and we are having some major issues with BF. My nipples are still coming out pinched after each feed despite him having his Tongue Tie snipped 4 weeks ago. I have been to several bf groups (NCT and BFN ones) and seen 2 LC's to adjust my latch and so far no joy in helping this problem.

DS is having a 2nd TT cut today as apparently there is still a bit that needs doing but I am wondering if there is anything else I can do to get bf on the right track.

I have hear Cranial Osteopathy can help with bf. I just wanted to get some feedback on this before I went down this road.

Anyone got experience on this?
Is it worth doing?

Thanks smile

Starshinetiger Thu 06-Aug-09 06:03:49

Hi Misspaella. Am also up with early shift! I have had both my two treated by cranial osteopath at about 6 weeks. It is really good for treating unsettled babies, can help with colic and reflux and just irons out any kinks the baby might have from the birth. IMO it can't do the baby any harm, so if it doesn't help, all you have lost is the cost of the treatment (which isn't cheap, I'll admit - round here it's ca. £40 for initial appt and ca. £35 for subsequent appts). With DD the osteo actually treated her for part while she was feeding, because DD was more content that way and in the first appt we heard a pop while she was feeding, her eyes popped open, she suckled once more and fell fast asleep! It definitely helped with DD getting more settled for us, would say it would be worth a shot for you. Where are you, do you need a recommendation? I found our osteo in back of nct magazine (local one). (Typing one-handed as DD is currently sat on my lap) grin

Misspaella Thu 06-Aug-09 06:49:33

Oh brilliant,didn't even think to look for one in the local NCT mag.


I've been doing research online about this and someone has blogged how it helped her LO move her tongue further out which helped with feeding. I am giving EVERYTHING a shot to get BF to actually be painfree. smile

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