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Happy but won't drink milk

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redorwhite Wed 05-Aug-09 18:19:26

My DS2 is almost 4 months and although I have not had him weighed for few weeks he is a chubby baby so am not concerned about his weight.

However, over the last few weeks he has become more and more "picky" over his milk. He will not take any milk less than fours hours apart and cries his heart out if you try earlier and does not appear to want more than 4 feeds over 24 hours. If he decides he wants to have the milk he will drink efficiently

Today was an extreme. He had a full 8oz bottle (ff - sorry!) at 11ish last night downed in one and then up to now has only had about 5oz in total. This is not enough but he has been kicking, smiling and laughing all day and only cries when you try and feed him!

What can I be doing wrong? DS1 would have fed all day long so this is new to me!

lackenstrand Wed 05-Aug-09 19:52:28

time for solids?

thisisyesterday Wed 05-Aug-09 19:56:12

if he is happy with it then just let him be!

if u were breastfeeding you'd have no way of knowing how much he'd had, so go with it unless there are signs that he is unwell.

ramblingmum Wed 05-Aug-09 20:36:55

Hi my dd is just over 3 months and only feeds when she wants. She is breastfeed but has slept through the night and some times goes for more than 4 hours between feeds in the day. Like your ds she cries if I try and feed her when she is not ready, but feeds well when she does. Her weight is fine and she seems a very content baby. I'm just glad she doesn't want to feed all the time

redorwhite Wed 05-Aug-09 23:15:28

I know I should relax a bit and would not know what he had had if I was bf. I suppose it is the refusal to feed on even a semi regular basis that has worried me. The rest of us aren't shy about our food that's for sure!

He has had some dry nappies so do worry he will become dehydrated but it upsets me and him to try and force him so will just keep an eye on his weight.

Are there any other "warning signs" I should little?

redorwhite Wed 05-Aug-09 23:16:31

Of course meant to say warning signs I should look out for!

thisisyesterday Thu 06-Aug-09 13:44:12

i would say that as long as he seems happy in himself then carry on as you are.
if you're worried that he is dehydrated and he really won't take any more milk then offer him some cool boiled water in a cup or bottle perhaps?

other signs of dehydration aside from no wet nappies can be: sunken fontanelle (this isn't always dehydration though, but worth checking), sleepiness, no tears when crying (but i think that;s really extreme dehydration)

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