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washable breast pads - which ones are best?

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beautifulgirls Wed 05-Aug-09 16:35:43

With DD#1 and #2 I used disposables in the time I was feeding them, but had a real problem with soaking the pads through at night, usually needing two at a time! I would like to try some washable ones this time around but wondered which ones are the best that are available these days? I would also appreciate if you have some good ideas where best to purchase them from too.


TabithaTwitchet Wed 05-Aug-09 17:03:10

I have heard good things about Motherease bamboo ones, planning on using those when I have number 2 - imagine you can only get them online though.

With DD I used Philips Avent, bought them from Boots. They were good but a bit fluffy so tended to stick (ouch!) and also were really obvious under my clothes - hoping the bamboo ones above will be much slimmer.

Alibabaandthe40nappies Wed 05-Aug-09 17:05:38

I had some Avent ones which I hardly used because they were a) incredibly firm and so quite painful on sore nips, and b)showed up terribly under clothing.

I used TT disposable ones mainly as they were nice and slim and v.absorbant. It didn't sit well with me, I use cloth nappies largely for environmental reasons so it really went against the grain.

beautifulgirls Wed 05-Aug-09 21:43:38

Bamboo sounds good - just got some bamboo nappies so I'll look into those. Thanks!

Ali - had seen the Avent ones were bulky, thank you for confirming that fear. Shame as they seem the most readily available, but nevermind.

CookieMonster2 Wed 05-Aug-09 21:46:59

I agree that Avent aren't very good. Boots ones are shaped much better and are much more absorbant. I only use them during the day, I leak so much at night that I need a more absorbant solution than breast pads!

RhinestoneCowgirl Wed 05-Aug-09 21:50:07

I had Lansinoh reusables, they were nice and soft, but not the best for disappearing under clothes shall we say... I also found that second time around I leaked more and used to soak through more quickly, ended up using two.

My mum says she used to use dad's cotton hankies folded up (presents from a maiden aunt).

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