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6 wk old - new feeding / screaming out of nowhere. GP says I'm doing it wrong, MW says it's reflux - somebody help as I face another night...

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Jackaroo Wed 05-Aug-09 08:51:57

Over in Oz with DS2. DS1 is nearly 4.

First 6 weeks have been OK in terms of feeding. Some colic issues - gripe water works like a charm.

Last 3/4 days he has latched fine, drunk for the usual 12 minutes from one side (as per the last 5 weeks)lies there almost asleep, and a moment later starts screaming like a banshee. Burps beautifully, but carries on screaming. Eventually sicks up (not straight milk, obviously got as far ast hte stomach as it's curdled - sorry!). This is mucusy and today was a huge amount of mucus.

Nothing different in diet for me, for last 4 days, coincides with a change in his nappies, but they look the same, just not quite so often (still all very wet).

I'm seeing paed. on Monday, but meanwhile takes an hour to settle him after each feed.



tiktok Wed 05-Aug-09 08:56:24

Does this happen at every feed?

Jackaroo Wed 05-Aug-09 10:04:50

No, the most obvious pattern seems to be all the day time feeds, and none of the night time ones - bar one or two either way.

he feeds only about every 3/3.5 hours (sometimes up to five for one feed in the evening)which is like a dream compared to DS1 (every 1.5 hours for the first 10 weeks of his life). If he has no other obvious reason for being unhappy then of course I try feeding him, but the most frequent is still only after 2.5 hours....this is his pattern, not mine btw!

PS Sorry for the delay, it's witching hour here...

jasperc163 Wed 05-Aug-09 10:09:06

jackaroo- sorry to hear this. A couple of suggestions prior to you seeing the paed:-

- make sure you avoid putting him down flat soon after a feed (and put crib on a slope with books under head end feet)
- go for smaller more frequent feeds. Do you notice he is worse after a big feed/gap?
- cut back / cut out dairy from your diet and see if that helps

lou031205 Wed 05-Aug-09 10:47:23

Jackaroo, that sounds like reflux. Do you offer him more once he has burped? What is his reaction?

Jackaroo Wed 05-Aug-09 13:04:18

Thanks for the answers; I've been keeping him very upright alot of the last 6 weeks. Feeding upright because of "oversupply" and "forceful letdown". If he's prone he gets a throat full of milk. Also, he sleeps slightly upright already.

His reaction seems to be the same, whether it's after 2.5 hours or 4 hours - as far as I can tell. and it's odd that it's OK at night...? Maybe he's more unsettled during the day. Hate to say it, but picking up on stress - DS1 is having a tough time at the moment... even so, nothing particularly interesting about the last 4 days...

My understanding was that little feeds meant that he would get more foremilk/less hind, and that was responsible for his colic in week one? Certainly since we've gone for the block feeding (just one side, wether it's once or twice in 3.5 hours...) he hasn't had the same gas/crying, til now.

DS1 has dairy issues, but so far DS2 doesn't seem to have noticed the difference - is it possible that it's suddenly a problem now?

Lou - i'll have to see. My recollection is that he just carries on feeding after burping (if I stop in teh middle for it, which I'm doing at the moment in an attempt to make him happier).

I have to try and get some sleep now, but all further ideas/comments gratefully received.

Wish me luck.


Jackaroo Wed 05-Aug-09 19:04:28

It's 4am, and I've just fed him twice during the night so far. I think maybe at night I have the pillows and everything to position him properly, both times I fed him very upright, and so far no screaming. I think during the day I've been lying him down a lot more, easier on a chair/sofa. Will try and be more concientious.

If it's reflux, do they grow out of it? Is the mucus OK, does it do them any harm? Any websites anyone can recommend?

Bumping sort of, for one final comment from anyone smile

Hullabaloo2 Thu 06-Aug-09 07:37:17

My dd2 (and dd1 from what I remember) did this till about 3 months. What upset her was being moved at all...even flat and inching her across bed would set her off. I used to burp her and that would definately set her off, recognise the screaming for an hour and being sick not mucus tho. What worked for us was feeding lying on bed, then I would move round her leaving her where she was to feed her with other side. Left her for at least 15 min pref. 20 min to settle then move her. Bit of a pain at time, but it worked like a dream at night when she could stay where she was...she would just go straight back to sleep. Obviously I was co sleeping with her...

If I was feeding on cushion during day I either just fed her from one side (I tend to feed one side per feed) or if both leave a 'settling' gap.

Good luck and let us know how you get on

Hullabaloo2 Thu 06-Aug-09 07:38:33

oh and I just read your last post about feeding upright and having no problems...opposite to us! Glad you've found something that works!

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