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Help needed to dry up milk supply as I can't breastfeed. Do Sage capsules work?

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Loobyfly Tue 04-Aug-09 21:24:08

I'm expecting my 3rd baby. I take a fairly high dose of anti-depressants and have been advised by my consultant not to breastfeed. I have accepted this and bottle fed my other 2 babies. However, I suffered severe pain with engorged boobs as I had loads of milk and obviously wasn't using any of it. Both times it took 2 weeks to go away and I was in agony with rock hard boobs and couldn't even put my arms by my sides.

I have used lots of painkillers, ice cold packs in my bra, savoy cabbage leaves.

I have read that Sage tea or capsules can help dry up breastmilk. Does anyone have any experience of this? Or any other effective solutions?

Thank you.

DitaVonCheese Tue 04-Aug-09 23:42:11

Can you definitely not breastfeed? I thought it was fine with a lot of ADs (some info on kellymom here). Sorry if that isn't useful, just something I have read on here

Not sure about the sage question, but bumping for you

DitaVonCheese Tue 04-Aug-09 23:44:30

Some stuff from kellymom on reducing suppy here.

tiktok Tue 04-Aug-09 23:47:30

Loobyfly - even high doses of anrtidepressants are not a reason for not bf - do check this if it is something you want to do. is a good source of info.

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