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Which breast pump?

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flippineck Tue 04-Aug-09 13:08:51

Not sure whether to post here or in Products so thought I'd try here first.

DD2 is 12 weeks old now and bf beautifully. I want to start expressing for various reasons and need to get a pump.

With DD1 I was rubbish at expressing, I hated doing it, hated the sensation, the faff, and could hardly get anything. I'm not looking forward to trying again but I want to give it a go. After DD1 was born I rented a hospital grade pump for a few weeks which got the best results (thought still not great!) but it was expensive to rent or buy. I also tried an Avent Isis electric pump (hated it, no success) and an Avent manual pump (better, but still not great).

So finally the question - should I try a different pump, are there better ones out there? Or is it just me being rubbish? I know it could be completely different thie time!

ZippysMum Tue 04-Aug-09 16:44:27

Hi flippineck,
There are reviews of breast pumps on the reviews section. The Ameda lactaline seems

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