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Advice on increasing weight gain for bf twins please!

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Andanotherthing Tue 04-Aug-09 12:15:06


My twins are 19 wks old and although they have been gaining weight steadily (No less than 3 oz/week, normally 4-5 oz), they have slipped through the centiles and are now just below 9th centile, having been 75th and 91st at birth.

I don't understand why this is when they have both been gaining weight.

My son sucks his fingers all the time, and seems to have a drink of milk in the day and then wants to nose around him - he never empties the breast in the daytime - he would rather suck his fingers.

Both babes are alert and happy, although I have noticed my son has stopped trying to move around as much as he once did...

Any advice? HV just weighed them and suggested I started on formula. I suggested that I expressed milk and gave it as top up so that I know they are reaching the hind milk. Not sure if I can do this long term as I have a 3 yr old as well!

Also want to carry on feeding as long as poss so I can boost immunity in light of nasty bugs around at the moment...

tiktok Tue 04-Aug-09 12:26:57

Here's another HV who seems unable to think beyond formula

If all there is to worry about is calorie intake, then why not (as you suggest) give more breastmilk?

There are many ways to do this - switch nursing (swapping sides back and forth at each/some breastfeeds); expressing and topping up (as you say); fitting in more feeds day and/or night; breast compression.

The other option is to do nothing, and trust that your twins are simply reaching their own physiological point on the chart, realising that weight is only one aspect of health and well-being.

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