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Blocked duct for over a week - has anyone else had this?

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Acceber Mon 03-Aug-09 15:11:42


I had my baby two weeks ago and I have a blocked duct lump on one of my breasts about the size of a 20p. I was prescribed anti-biotics, been feeding regularly from it, had cabbage leaves in my bra and have tried to massage it out. It is still there! Will it ever clear - it is really starting to worry me that it is going to be constantly infected and ruin the feeding.

I would really appreciate any advice


lara27 Mon 03-Aug-09 17:25:59

one thing I found helpful when I got blocked ducts in the early days was feeding with the affected breast hanging down (so with the baby lying underneath you and you on all fours above - sounds weird I know! smile) as I'd read that it could drain better that way, its a bit awkward but it seemed to work for me.

have you spoken to a bf counsellor/gone to a bf group? they may be able to help.

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