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16 weeks and the bfing's hitting the fan. Or in this case, me, dd, the wall, the floor, ....

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phdlife Mon 03-Aug-09 12:17:32

dd had some occasional reflux when she was tiny new but we didn't worry about it as she is a giant fatty healthy strapping lass. She's been a good feeder though we are now in the distractable stage (sigh).

The past couple of days though she's been fussy at the breast and clamped on pulling my nipple out as far as it will go angry. Wtf is that all about? She's done it hard enough to give me a blocked duct and doesn't seem too heartbroken if I put myself away (though she does bawl her eyes out if I yelp).

Today she's been v fussy, acting like she's hungry but preferring her finger hmm, sucking, whining, sucking, pulling off, sucking, twisting (like she's got wind, but she hasn't), sucking, smiling at me, and basically not feeding all afternoon. Finally at bedtime she had a proper feed and dozed off. I put her over my shoulder and she let out a giant belch, then settled down to sleep in my arms. ds kicking off so I go in to see him; dd's eyes open and she does a massive refluxy vom all over the shop. Could it be the Thai curry I had for lunch yesterday? (I know my mother will blame this!) Then, bless her, she went straight back to sleep, barely even opened her eyes when I changed her.

Clues? I'm too tired and stupid to put any pieces togehter myself

phdlife Mon 03-Aug-09 12:34:15

or punctuate properly, apparently.

lilymolly Mon 03-Aug-09 12:47:25

hi my ds is 18 weeks today, and we have had very similar problems.

Last week he clamped on my nipple and pulled it rightn back, then laughed grin

he also has very snotty nose, generally grumpy and red hot cheek
so I am thinking it is teething and because he is so stuffy he is finding it hard to breathe whilst feeding, so he pulls off and on taking my nipple with him grin

I am sure it will pass, but you have my sympathy

phdlife Mon 03-Aug-09 12:51:34

hm well I think dd is teething too - she's got one red cheek and drooling like a leaky faucet. But I hadn't noticed if her nose was that stuffy. It could be, ds's is and I can't stop him kissing her.

lilymolly Mon 03-Aug-09 12:57:41

we also had a few horrendous nights too, when he fed a lot, but we seem to be doing better as last night he went 7pm until 5am grin whereas friday night it was almost every 2 hours shock

phdlife Mon 03-Aug-09 13:00:51

oh, ds was every two hours until he was about 5 months - then he settled down to every 3. except if he was teething. hmm

dd totally not like that - she feeds at about 3am and again about 6am, usually. Have a feeling she'll need more tonight though.

god, what if it IS yesterday's Thai making her hurl? What if she does it again at 3am? shock

please please cross your fingers for us - I've got to get to bed now [stressed]

lilymolly Mon 03-Aug-09 19:58:37

I am sure it was not the thai.........hv told me last week, if they are teething or got a stuffy nose, they can sick up milk because of the phlegm [gross emoticon]

I always tell myself (after a particulaly hot chinese/curry) that indian /chinese people who breast feed would not give it a second thought would they?

phdlife Tue 04-Aug-09 11:06:35

no you are quite right tbh it's never worried me before, just now with my mum such a regular and fussy visitor!

dd woke up this morning with vv stuffy nose, sneezing and runny nose, poor little thing. guess she must've picked up ds's cold.

thanks for listening

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