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so I know that lots of dirty nappies is good when they are very tiny...still a good sign when they are older?

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logrrl Mon 03-Aug-09 11:32:20

My 17 week old DS (BF) has become a major pooper blush again after a gradual reduction in the number of dirty nappies after about 12 weeks, to the point where he was doing one a day until about three weeks ago. He has now started having a dirty nappy with every feed again, and even through the night. I suppose about 8-9 dirty nappies in 24 hours. Never just a wet one. There has been the odd bright green one but they are mostly "golden" grin. He hasn't done night time ones since he was really small until now. He does however feed every three hours during the night (yawn). I've not had him weighed in about 5 or 6 weeks. I don't understand all the physiology of nappies but does this increased "behaviour" sound normal?

Schulte Mon 03-Aug-09 12:00:06

My 15 week old did this after her jabs 3 weeks ago - went from one poo every 3 days to constant pooing, some of her numerous dirty nappies were green and mucousy. Neither doc nor HV were concerned, as long as she wasn't dehydrated. I was offered various explanations, from virus to growth spurt to 'it's just something babies do'. She is still pooping more than before (twice a day now) but has put on weight at her usual rate. So I wouldn't worry.

logrrl Mon 03-Aug-09 21:14:58

thanks schulte-the last vaccinations really didn't agree with him, so maybe there is something in that...and he's due his next ones this week...great! I think I will ask for him to be weighed as well. HV is frankly rubbish, so I don't expect any insight there.

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