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when does feeding become more 'efficient'?

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mcflumpy Mon 03-Aug-09 10:14:42

I've read on several threads that baby becomes a more efficient feeder and feed times will reduce. Can anyone advise what age this happens at? My 8 week old DD still taking about 45mins-1 hour to feed.


Sassyfrassy Mon 03-Aug-09 11:21:32

I found that both my girls started to feed for shorter times around 3-4 months. DD2 is 11 months and often finished a feed in under ten minutes.

cathylb Mon 03-Aug-09 22:25:54

about 4 months I think. Suddenly feeds only took about 10 mins. Unfortunately also coincides with baby starting to be nosey about what's going on around them!

undomesticatedgoddess Tue 04-Aug-09 09:47:08


I found this happened about 4 months too. Although night feeds still seem to take about 30mins.hmm

mcflumpy Tue 04-Aug-09 11:54:39

thanks....something to look forward to!

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