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growth spurt (I think) can I overfeed?

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mcflumpy Mon 03-Aug-09 10:12:55

My DD is 8 weeks old tomorrow and since last wed I think she's going through a growth spurt as she is just hingry all the time. We had growth spurt around 2 weeks and this is the only other we've had.

I almost gave up bf during last spurt as breasts were very painful and I had to give formula top ups in the end, which I felt extremely bad about (felt like I'd failed etc)

This time I don't want to feel like that so I'm willingly giving formula top ups when required without the guilt.

Question is she will happily take 6oz of formula or ebm from a bottle and I'm worried we could overfeed her. If she was on the breast exclusively, I wouldn't be worried she unlacthes when she is full. She's not terribly sick at feeds, a little possety at some feeds and nappies are fine.

Is it possible to overfeed under these circumstances?

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