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ok ive had a really hard time breastfeeding, some encouragement to cheer me up?

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TheNatty Sun 02-Aug-09 18:45:52

my little boy will be four weeks on tuesday.
over the past month i have not had much fun, please tell me it gets better!
this is my third attempt at breastfeeding, and i really dont want to stop but it feels like one thing after another.

the first 2 weeks we had problems with latching on causing me to have awful cracked nipples that bled so much i had to express one side for a week in order to get it to heal.

we then had some nipple confusion to deal with as i had to indroduce a bottle to give him the expressed feeds.

now he is finally feeding well and in a good position, i have thrush.

PLEASE tell me thats it now! i am just waiting to develop mastitus to top it all off

ZippysMum Sun 02-Aug-09 18:55:16

Hi thenatty,
Gosh, you've really been through it in the past few weeks. I haven't started bf yet (expecting dt's in Sept), but wanted to pop in and say god on you for sticking with it so far.
My friend had thrush and I know it is really painful - but it did get sorted once she had the drops etc.
Do hope you escape mastitis!! Meantime, I've heard that cake is very cheering wink.

chibi Sun 02-Aug-09 18:58:07

bf can suck (har har) for the first couple of months but if you stick with it it gets a hell of a lot easier for mother + baby - the baby learns to latch herself on so no faffing about, for instance.

i bf my dd for 18 months, so know whereof i speak.

i haven't had mastitis or thrush, but had a hell of a time establishing bf with my ds who was 5 weeks prem, so i know how it is to struggle.

sending you positive vibes - you can do it!

joyjac Sun 02-Aug-09 18:59:19

The first six weeks are the hardest, and sadly many moms give up before things start to improve. You have done so well to get this far, stand up and take a bow!!
Thrush is a bummer, there is lots of good info on here in the archives, but it seems like a large loading dose of fluconazole, and then regular dosage (?100mg 3 times a day, need to check) until a week after symptoms cease, is most effective. Also wash bras and breast pads (if washable) at high temp. If using disposable breast pads change very very frequently. Try to reduce sugars and yeasts in diet. It's 12 years since my last bout of thrush on baby #4 but I remember the exquisite agony, my heart goes out to you.
There is light at the end of the tunnel. Look at your lovely little boy and take pride in what you have achieved

ZippysMum Sun 02-Aug-09 19:02:23

good on you, not god... grin

CarGirl Sun 02-Aug-09 19:09:52

it does get so much better honest, it was horrid with all 3 of mine in the beginning. Just think no "I've forgotten to sterilise the bottles" 11pm at night! I fully FF my eldest and it was so much easier bf once things had improved.

TheNatty Sun 02-Aug-09 19:12:37

u guys are so helpful. i didnt have MN when i was trying to bf my son, and we had no internet access in the early weeks of my daughter.
this place has really helped me stick at it with DS2, we both appreicate all the advice.

going to docs tomorrow about thrush as doc on friday had never heard of it (see my other thread )

undomesticatedgoddess Sun 02-Aug-09 20:01:08


Well done for getting this far. My midwife told me that it gets a lot easier by the time they're 12 weeks. And she was spot on. It was my mantra "just get to 12 weeks, just get to 12 weeks"

DS2 is now 20 weeks and still BFing and now I <whispers> enjoy it.

Mumsnet kept me going too, so keep on posting. You've done a lot of the hard work already.

Hope you get your thrush sorted.

hairymelons Sun 02-Aug-09 20:10:48

Hi Natty
Posted on your thrush thread. It can be really rough the first few weeks but honestly, if you can make it through this, it not only gets better but becomes an absolute joy.
It's not surprising so many people give up, it's so hard at first. I didn't have MN then but did have excellent midwives AND a mum and an older sister who had BF and who rang me daily to rally me through. Without all of that there's no way I could have coped.
Well done for getting this far, just take it a day at a time and soon it will be a breeze

thisisyesterday Sun 02-Aug-09 20:13:41

aww sounds like you';ve had a tough time but fingers crossed this will be the end of it!
hope the thrush clears up as I know how horrid it is.

it does get easier though, it can be really really hard work in the first few weeks, but once baby is a bit older you'll just love it soooo much!

greensnail Sun 02-Aug-09 20:22:30

Well done for getting this far, its so hard in the early days, but once you get over that its so much less hassle than bottle feeding, and its just lovely too.

Hope you get the thrush sorted, good luck with the doctor tomorrow

MummyElk Sun 02-Aug-09 20:27:58

Hi TheNatty
Just really to reiterate what everyone is saying here - you can definitely do it and even enjoy it, especially once the thrush has gone! You could try expressing, it might not hurt too much? (be careful you don't lose your confidence on the actual bfing though)
The only useful thing my HV told me was that bfing gets easier at 6 weeks, and it does, suddenly you realise you're only feeding for about ten minutes, and it doesn't really hurt so much and baby is more confident on their latch. And then by the time you've got to 12 weeks, life suddenly gets back on track - and everyone is right, keep repeating undomesticatedgoddess's mantra and remember you won't be thinking all the time about sterilising bottles!
Keep at it you are doing a GREAT job and nag that doctor, am fed up with GPs who have never heard of thrush?!!! I mean, it's ridiculous?!! angry
Good luck x

StarlightMcKenzie Sun 02-Aug-09 20:28:47

Message withdrawn

TheNatty Sun 02-Aug-09 20:31:29

thanks hairymelons i wish i had family to rally me, everyone on both sides bottle feeds, so i cant have a whinge cos they just say "why dont you just use formula" hmm

i have suprised myself that i have stuck at it, i seem to have this new found determination to succeed. possibly because i managed to have a normal birth this time after failing twice.

greensnail i hope doctor pays attention to me this time, he looked at me like i was a crazy person friday

JetLi Sun 02-Aug-09 20:31:54

Oh natty - I'm gutted for you about the thrush. Desperately trying to stave it off in this house too because I'm on 2 lots of antibiotics. So far I think we've avoided it because I'm taking a very potent probiotic inbetween the antibiotics. I think this is what is making the difference, along with the bra washing and pads and Lansinoh. If you're interested, the one I'm taking is HealthAid Acidophilus Plus.

JackBauer Sun 02-Aug-09 20:32:42

Oh yes, those early weeks are the worst. I BF DD1 and when DD2 came along I was so glad I knew it would get better as I nearly caved a few times in thsoe early weeks, it's so much harder with other DC's around who still need feeding/clothing/entertaining.

6 weeks is a great milestone as the supply starts to level out and you will get more used to idea, by 12 weeks (that's only 3 months!) the worst growth spurts are out of the way and you can start to relax a lot more.

Hope the trush clears, make sure you get cream to treat your DS as well as otherwise you will just reinfect each other. Well done for sticking it out through that lot though.

TheNatty Sun 02-Aug-09 20:34:24

thanks MummyElk, avoiding expressing after all the nipple confusion stuff last week. im going to put my pump away until 6 weeks, the dummys are all in the bin as well, got new ones waiting for 6 week mark too.

StarlightMcKenzie that is a great way to look at it

sunshiney Sun 02-Aug-09 20:36:11

well done for carrying on! i had terrible cracked nipples as well, it was basically opened up really. I remember I had to kick the table leg when DD was latching on in order to sort of give myself a different pain to focus on! <weird i know>

My advice is to spend as much time as you possibly can with your nipples exposed to air. Going against popular opinion, but i found as soon as I stopped using bloody Lansinoh, the deep cracks started to heal straight away. I think the Lansinoh was stopping the healing. Will probably help for thrush too.
Don't underestimate the healing power of fresh air, truly.

It will soon get better, when your baby gets a little bigger they become much better at feeding and things often settle down. You find they spend less time flailing about and pulling off your nipple, and just get on and feed quite efficiently. Leaving you free to nibble cakes :-)

ps, DD is two in a week and a morning feed is still part of her routine.

TheNatty Sun 02-Aug-09 20:43:04

omg i do that pain aversion thing, i bite my free hand

Newb Sun 02-Aug-09 21:28:39

I swear a lot under my breath for the first 30 seconds on the right side. The LO is in danger of having a very fruity vocabulary unless it gets better after a few weeks

greensnail Sun 02-Aug-09 21:46:03

Can't believe the doctor had never heard of thrush - that's quite scary! Can you ask to see a different doctor when you go tomorrow? You might find you get a better response.

TheNatty Mon 03-Aug-09 09:26:30

lol @ fruity vocab

yeah i have requested the female doctor today, and am armed with leaflets lol!

appoint not till 2pm, which is annoying as the kids have a toddler group then. sending DH on ahead of me so they dont miss it. lets hope docs arnt running an hour behind!

Misspaella Mon 03-Aug-09 13:05:17

Natty lets spur each other on....I am with you having probs w/my 3rd attempt at this bf thing. smile

Pls get the leaflet from BFN network re the thrush (it has info for HCP re treatment). I've got it too and my GP initially flatly refused to give me the appropriate meds for it as not licensed for bf. We had a bit of a heated debate about it where I stated my case and handed her the info about it. She very reluctantly gave me the meds and even said "she washed her hands if anything were to go wrong" and was writing this up in the notes. angry

DS and I are doing a bit better now (just dealing with his tt....) and I am just taking each week as it comes. I am not setting myself any goals (ie I want to ebf for 6months etc) in order to avoid disappointment. Listen we have made a month of bf, each weeks adds more and more goodness. And hopefully we will reach the milestones every talks about (6 weeks, 12 weeks, 6 months...)

Misspaella Mon 03-Aug-09 13:06:37

Oh and my GP is female!! When I had thrush 4 yrs ago whilst BF DS1 my male GP happily prescribed the meds needs. hmm

JetLi Mon 03-Aug-09 13:45:45

Hi Natty - my HV visited today and we talked about thrush. Her immediate response was a reassuring "not to worry" because she can prescribe which was a huge weight off my shoulders - not sure if your HV can also write up prescriptions but might be worth checking maybe if you get no joy at the GP? I was very relieved as I'm not convinced that some GPs believe this condition really exists sadly, plus I'd rather avoid the surgery and all thos sick folks at the moment grin
How are things today? Are you back from the quack yet?
I'm still walloping down the probiotics here spurred on by the fact that the last nappy smelt distinctly yeasty - like fresh baked bread smile - I let DD scream a wee bit this morning so that I could have a look in her mouth, and I think we're still clear. The problem I have is that my let-down feels like needles & razor-blades anyway, but it usually passes in a few seconds.

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