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Exclusively bf and thinking of starting slimming world plan - anyone done this - advice needed

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mrsmeeps Sun 02-Aug-09 12:41:41

My DD is now 22 weeks and after an initial burst of weight loss when she was born I seem to be stuck with a lot of podge around my middle.

I have dug out my old slimming world book with the thought of starting up again and have read that there is a separate booklet for breastfeeding mums. I'm hoping that someone out there would be kind enough to give me the general gist of what extras I should be having whilst doing SW to ensure that I get the correct nutrients etc whilst bf. I can't really afford to rejoin at the mo - DH was made redundant and I am on SMP - hope that this isn't too cheeky a request!


GentlyDoesIt Sun 02-Aug-09 13:02:12

Not Slimming World, but I joined WW when DD was 4 months and I was exclusively breastfeeding. I was allowed a LOT extra. Based on my weight & height, I was allowed 700 extra calories a day above the usual amount due to breastfeeding (which amounted to a certain number of points). I lost a stone in about 6 weeks without feeling hungry and was very pleased with that!

As for getting a good balance of nutrients, I just stuck with sensible foods to make up the 700 calories. Calculating portions drives me nuts, so I ate the standard WW recipes and then topped up through the day with lots of snacks of full-fat yoghurts, nuts, fruits, cheese and juices to get my extra calories in.

I went on to breastfeed for nearly a year and found that around the 8 month mark, weight started to drop off seemingly by itself without me having to adjust my diet.

Good luck!

ZippysMum Sun 02-Aug-09 17:42:10

Hi Mrs Meeps,
I followed the SW plan and lost 2 1/2 st before falling pg and I plan to go back after. It basically should be fine for bf as so many healthy things are 'unlimited' (eg pasta, fruit etc). My friend did the plan while exclusively bf - it was the same but she got 2-4 extra Healthy extras (the dairy options) daily.
Oh, and the weight dropped off her - we were all jealous as we felt the bf gave her a bit of an advantage!!!
Good luck!

mrsmeeps Sun 02-Aug-09 18:08:06

Thanks gentlydoesit and zippysmum - you have both made me feel pretty motivated to get going! So unless anyone else comes and tells me anything different I will do the usual plan but add an extra few dairy based healthy extras which should give me a few additional calories and some extra calcium to ensure good milk production!

GentlyDoesIt Sun 02-Aug-09 19:11:57

Good luck mrsmeeps! Breastfeeding definitely helps the weight to drop off. Just remember to make sure you are getting plenty of good stuff!

I did have the odd day when my 700 extra calories went on a large Galaxy, but there we go!

TheNatty Sun 02-Aug-09 19:24:44

im going to join SW soon, so marking my place on here so its in my 'im on' page.
its half price membership till the end of the month, btw, if u could stretch? they do a 6 week countdown programe? then u would get all the stuff without having to go for long??

maygirl Sun 02-Aug-09 21:59:21

Hi, I did SW after DS1 and it was great. I suddenly had loads more energy and was losing weight steadily and feeling in control after gaining 4 stone.
I still have the book for bf mums. You have the additional healthy extras in addition to the normal 1-2 As + 2 Bs!
Baby upto 2 months- 3 additional Healthy Extras
2-3 months 4 additional Healthy Extras
4-6 months if starting to wean- down to 3 additional Healthy Extras
4-6months if still exclusively BF stick at 4 additional Healthy Extras
over 6 months when weaning 1 additional Healthy Extra.

As my DS didn't eat anything of substance at 6-7 months I still allowed myself 2-4 extra if starving!

They suggest you take one and preferably 2 of the additional choices from the milk and cheese section (A) (Non BF diet is 1-2 healthy extras section A and 2 healthy extra B choices (cereal etc). I used to do 1-2 extra As with 3/2 extra Bs (preferred more B's!).

Also recommend using calcium rich Free Foods like low fat yogurts, quark, fromage frais, tinned sardines, spinach, broccolli and kale.

They also say use all 15 syns per day, but no more.

But actually, if you are eating 4 portions of dairy and 4 from the B section and loads of Free food, 15 syns is more than enough!

I remember eating ryvita minis as they count as a healthy extra B, as do 2 alpen light bars or 20 cashew nuts.

Dried /stewed/tinned fruit also counts as a B, so have loads of choice for low syn treats - lowfat custard to use the milk portion, on baked apple, yum! Mini babybel lights are 3 for a healthy extra A and easy to grab on the go.
I'm pregnant now and trying to follow the plan. Get no extra portions while pregnant though, apart from told to enjoy all 15 syns everyday!

The magazine is good for recipes and ideas for what are new B choices. It's available in the shops, not just at the group meetings.
Good luck

mrsmeeps Sun 02-Aug-09 22:06:36

maygirl - thanks a million that's absolutely fab grin

I can now start to write up my meal plan for the week, take a trip to the supermarket tomorrow morning and get going with it. DH is joining me too so will have a bit of moral support.

Thanks again for all your help. smile

maygirl Sun 02-Aug-09 22:30:29

You're welcome.
There's a slimming world thread in the weight loss club on here too if you need extra ideas/support if not doing the group

LargeGlassofRed Sat 15-Aug-09 15:53:44

just spotted this thread hoping to join a class when the children go back to school,
I'm breast feeding twins who are 7 weeks does anyone know how many HE i can have?
I'm really desperate to get started but I now I only loose if I go to class, and I don't want to drag all 5 kids along grin.

maygirl Sat 15-Aug-09 17:09:59

Sorry, not sure. I'd go with the 4 bf extra HEs + the 4 usual HEs and fill up on loads of free food, adding 1-2 extra HEs more if you're not feeling satisfied. I knew when I was eating enough, that niggly gnawing hunger feeling went away and started to feel more normal again!
Good luck with it, you sound amazing, BF twins plus 3 older kids!

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