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Very engorged in the morning

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Chica31 Sun 02-Aug-09 07:08:52

I'm very lucky and my 10wk DD has started sleeping through the night. However I wake at 4.30 with very painful breasts as they are so full. I didn't want to get up and pump it off as I understand that will just produce more. At 6am I pumped so DD would actually be able to latch on, they were like rocks! I then fed her at 7am.

Any ideas what I can do, or will it just sort itself out

minipinkscottish Sun 02-Aug-09 07:47:47

It will pass and your supply will settle down to match the demand. Just try to express off a little so latch is easier although lo will prob latch on to hard boobs if you can stand it and this will allow things to settle down xxxx good luck xxx

TheNatty Sun 02-Aug-09 18:40:42

yeh mine are the same atm, because my 3 week old is now sleeping 12-6 and has dropped a feed.
my boobs are also like rocks and he does find them hard to latch onto, however he does manage it.
hoping this passes for you as its not pleasent!

Chica31 Sun 02-Aug-09 20:03:07

Thanks for you advice

Mummy369 Sun 02-Aug-09 23:33:38

You could also try putting baby to the breast when the boobs wake you. I know it's nice to make the most of the extra sleep but if you're awake anyway...

And chances are, if baby is quite sleepy she may not have a particularly long feed, and will just feed enough to relieve your discomfort and then go back to sleep.

Also, minipinkscottish is right when she says "It will pass and your supply will settle down to match the demand". It will just be a lot more comfortable for you if you give her a short feed when they are getting so full..

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