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7 mth old will only feed from one breast - help!

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kitpuss Sat 01-Aug-09 08:21:41

I've had some problems in my right breast with blocked milk ducts and milk blisters, which seem to have resolved now, but my DS really doesn't like feeding from that side anymore.
He is only on 3 milk feeds a day now, and I am a bit worried that he is not getting enough milk, he would rather eat solids all day long!
He drinks fine from the left but sometimes will not drink from the right breast at all. The last two feeds I don't think he fed from it at all, just wriggled and cried until I put him on the left one.
Last night and this morning I tried expressing from the right to see how much milk there was and hoping to improve the milk supply, and to be honest I got barely anything out. I don't know if it's worth me carrying on expressing with the hope my supply will increase.

I guess my main fears are that he is not getting enough milk and that I am going to be totally lopsided until I stop breastfeeding - the left is already quite a bit bigger than the right!! Any ideas?!

GoldenSnitch Sat 01-Aug-09 08:39:04

He might just not like being held on that side - you could try a rugby ball hold to keep him in the side he likes while feeding him from the other breast?

It's hard to explain - will try to find a pic

GoldenSnitch Sat 01-Aug-09 08:41:19

rugby ball hold

Basically, you hold baby by your side. A pillow realy helps with this one...

kitpuss Sat 01-Aug-09 09:19:22

Thanks for that. I have tried using a similar hold but he is not fooled, he knows it's not the breast he likes, probably because not much milk comes out!

GoldenSnitch Sat 01-Aug-09 13:06:18

I would keep on expressing to keep your supply up and try him again periodically. Might just be a phase?

I was told by my HV that I had 'run out' of milk at about 6 months and I gave up - I really wish I's stuck with it for a bit longer now.

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