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spanish breastfeeding doll :)

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Jennylee Thu 30-Jul-09 23:44:21

AbricotsSecs Thu 30-Jul-09 23:59:28

Message withdrawn

RealityIsHavingAPartay Fri 31-Jul-09 00:00:53

Message withdrawn

bronze Fri 31-Jul-09 00:09:02

they do say further down that the sore nipples thing was a joke

RealityIsHavingAPartay Fri 31-Jul-09 00:11:49

Message withdrawn

Jennylee Fri 31-Jul-09 00:45:22

It is on a couple of forums and on facebook, and people either love it or find it sinister, a bit like bf itself lol

Jennylee Fri 31-Jul-09 00:46:41

love the cup chup chup noise it apparently makes when 'feeding'

mrsjammi Fri 31-Jul-09 00:52:54

Message withdrawn

Jennylee Fri 31-Jul-09 00:54:54

yes lol if you put bebe glutton and search it is onl ots of mum sites

beanieb Fri 31-Jul-09 00:56:27

I think it's kind of weird. Not sure why.

Jennylee Fri 31-Jul-09 00:56:53

nappyaddict Fri 31-Jul-09 01:05:42

I think it's a good idea especially the realistic noises. My only gripe is that it would have been better if the baby could make these noises without having to latch onto flower nipples attached to tshirts which is very unrealistic.

Jennylee Fri 31-Jul-09 01:08:30

I would get one just to horrify my mum as i'm immature that way

mrsjammi Fri 31-Jul-09 01:16:31

Message withdrawn

BertieBotts Fri 31-Jul-09 12:37:38

The bra thing is so it makes the noises though, how else would you make that work? I suppose there is the good old imagination! But the argument for dolls all having bottles has always been you can't do those special dolls which cry when "hungry" or wet themselves without something to tell the doll it's being fed.

I think Baby Glutton is probably slightly mistranslated! I love chup chup chup though, that really is the noise they make

SoupDragon Fri 31-Jul-09 12:40:30

I thought it said "chomp chomp chomp" at first glance.


belgo Fri 31-Jul-09 12:42:01

I thought that doll had hand cuffs on at first glance.

belgo Fri 31-Jul-09 12:42:47

grin at JennyLee good a reason as any

LadyOfWaffle Fri 31-Jul-09 12:45:15

I think it's great! Children seem to love the all singing, all dancing baby dolls that make sounds etc., so to have one that does it for breastfeeding is great. I know they can 'breastfeed' any doll but as someone say, you need the bra bit to make the noises etc. I wonder how you would get one? Ebay I suppose...

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