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Is it thrush?

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littlestar Mon 23-May-05 15:06:48

My breasts are incredibly painful - not just sore nipples but stabbing pains like needles shooting deep into my breasts. Latching on is agonising, feeding isn't so bad, but my breasts are really painful after feeding. I've got a white spot on one nipple but I can't see any white patches in my 8-week-old DS's mouth.

Does this sound like thrush? It's really getting me down.

popsycal Mon 23-May-05 15:08:05

Sounds like thrush to me
You both need to be treated....we are just recovering from it.

Ask for daktarin gel for your baby rather than medicine/drops - it actually stays on the tongue

And keep using the treatment for several days after symptoms go - I didnt and it came back.

hermykne Mon 23-May-05 15:32:52

i too have it and but i couldnt be sure ds had it, but i used the daktarin gel on him like popsycal, and canestan crm on me.

its sort of gone not completely
also taking yogurt, natural, and trying to avoid the yeasty things. not very successfully

littlestar Mon 23-May-05 16:00:35

Do I need a prescription to get the canestan gel?

littlestar Mon 23-May-05 16:01:03

Sorry, I mean the Daktarin gel

bossykate Mon 23-May-05 16:11:03

yes, it does sound like thrush to me. the pain is excruciating isn't it?

have a look at this

littlestar Mon 23-May-05 16:17:22

Do I need a prescription to get the canestan gel?

hunkermunker Mon 23-May-05 19:12:28

No, no prescription - your pharmacist will sell it to you. Ask for Daktarin oral gel - it's orange-flavoured iirc!

popsycal Mon 23-May-05 20:32:32

but get it on prescription as you will get it free!!! health visitors can prescribe for it lovely one even dropped a prescription round for me after I rang her to tell her it had re-occured

i was told to avoid dairy and refined sugars too and to change breast pads more than usual

hoxtonchick Mon 23-May-05 20:34:06

i took diflucan tablets for about a week, & ds had nystatin drops in his mouth & that cleared it up for both of us. that was 3 years ago though, things might have changed.

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