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Breast Feeding and Heb B vaccination

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tummytickler Wed 29-Jul-09 19:52:36

Hi all
Today i had a Hep B vaccination in preparation for starting my new job.
I am still breast feeding my son who turns 2 in 3 weeks.
The nurse said that the advice is not to breast feed with the vaccine as there was no research and as i would be giving up feeding soon when i start work (which i will not!) i should just give up now.
But she said it is probably safe, there is just no research.
What should i do?
I gave him a bed time feed, very quickly, as i felt he needed it, but now feel a bit uneasy.
Any advice welcome - what would you do?

tiktok Wed 29-Jul-09 20:35:56

The vaccine is given directly to babies when needed, and it makes no sense to suspend or cease breastfeeding - I dont think there is any advice not to, and if there is the nurse should show you it in writing! Drugs which are injected are often safe when breastfeeding - they are injected in order to bypass the digestive system because digestion would destroy them. So any vaccine in the milk would not get processed by the baby. You can do a search on this link. Just put Hepatitis B vaccine in the search box.

You can maybe share it with the nurse, too

It's bad you have been made to feel uneasy.

tummytickler Wed 29-Jul-09 21:20:32

Thank you tiktok - that was really helpful and you have put my mind at ease - i will continue to feed him normally tomorrow!
I was astonished that she assumed i would be giving up aswell, i dont really have any intention of doing so, and as i work 2 long day shifts followed by 2 short night and then 5 days off i will be around to feed him 7 days out of 9.
I am glad to know this as part of my new job will be to help new mothers breast feed, so i hope to learn more about this area.
thanks again

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