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DS refusing feeds

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berri Tue 28-Jul-09 22:40:32

My 7.5 month old (2 mo prem) has suddenly started to refuse the 2 middle feeds of the day. He'll feed ok at 7am, then take his normal 7oz bottle at bedtime, but the last few days has completely refused the 2 breastfeeds in between.

Should I be offering him formula at these feeds too if he refuses me? I'm worried about his milk intake, any thoughts would be welcome.

berri Wed 29-Jul-09 12:26:14


SprogletCooking Wed 29-Jul-09 12:37:43

DS did this to me too at about the same age. His turned out to be a nursing strike and he went back to normal feeding after a couple of days.

I just kept offering him my breast, and if he refused tried expressing milk and giving it to him in a bottle or cup and making his mels extra runny. To be honest he didnt take a lot from the bottle or cup but I felt better about trying everything I could think of as I too was worried at how much he was drinking!! I found that if I tried to feed him just after he woke up after his naps then he would take a bit more.

If you search 'nursing strike' then theres a lot more helpful and useful advice out there and hopefully someone with more experience and advice will be along soon.

Good luck!

berri Thu 30-Jul-09 15:51:35

Thanks SC, I didn't think it would be classed as a strike as he is having 2 out of 4 feeds, but I'll do a search and see if I can find some more tips. I've just added a load of expressed milk to his butternut squash and he didn't seem to notice - ha, tricked him!!

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