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Local Hospital cutting back on breast feeding support

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chocolaterabbit Tue 28-Jul-09 09:35:39

I am expecting DC2 in October and have been going to yoga and seeing the midwife (as you do). Both have told me anecdotally that the local very large teaching hospital is cutting back dramatically on breast feeding support:

Mothers and babies are now discharged same day or early the morning after unless either the baby is ill or the mother had a cs.

There is one home MW visit after the birth.

If further midwife visits or bf support is needed, the mother needs to find this.

MWs seem to be routinely advising mothers to top up with formula and saying that it is fine to do so from a bottle rather than cup/ spoon/ dropper.

I feel a bit upset about this as had a lot of problems Bf DD which we eventually mostly overcame through midwife help. What should you prepare in advance if that help just isn't going to be available?

tiktok Tue 28-Jul-09 09:42:37

chocolaterabbit: there is loads you can do to fight this. Write to

* chair of MSLC
* breastfeeding lead for your PCT (phone them and ask who it is)
* local NCT
* director of midwifery

Get your facts straight first though Early discharge in itself is not a risk factor in getting bf going - as long as there is decent community support. You need to find out if it is true there is only one routine MW visit at home.

treedelivery Tue 28-Jul-09 09:53:07

Echo tiktok. Be armed with knowledge, the service may have decided to go with a 'drop in' service for postnatal care. Where you go to the midwife as and when you and she think it useful.

On paper this isn't a bad idea - lots of mothers hate having to wait in for the midwife to visit when they would rather be out with their new baby. Plus in a city a midwife can easily spend half her time in a car which is a massive waste of money.

What you need is reassurance that the service is flexible. That if home visits are better for you you will get them, and that drop-ins are well advertised and available.

You also need to hear what bf training and updating the midwives are given by the unit - to ensure they are armed with knowledge and motivation.

Find out if you have a bf cafe. You may or may not need some bf guidance, but a cuppa and a chin wag is always good! AS an experienced bfer you may be a massive support and role model yourself wink

Good luck, I'm really pleased you had a positive midwifery experience the first time!

chocolaterabbit Tue 28-Jul-09 14:47:29

Thanks both. I'm just feeling a bit scared for myself because I found it so difficult last time together with feeling a bit sad for people who perhaps won't be as pushy as me...

I will talk again to the MW and try and find out exactly what is going on.

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