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The link between breastfeeding and breast cancer

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kazbeth Sat 25-Jul-09 13:57:05

I was just wondering about this .. since my periods returned at 3 months (presumably because I gave my baby a couple of bottles of formula in the first month?) does this mean that the reduced risk of breast cancer doesn't apply to me now?

Am I right in thinking that the reduced risk is because when breastfeeding your periods are usually delayed for quite some time?

FairyLightsForever Sat 25-Jul-09 14:45:59

I don't think that anyone is completely sure how it works, just that you have to feed for *at least* 5 months and that the longer you feed, the more protected you are. This would lead me to think that your periods returning won't necessarily effect how protected you are.
Most women's periods come back after they start to wean onto solids, yet continuing to breastfeed can continue to protect you.4.3% for every year of feeding

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