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Breast to sippy cup at 4-5 months. Is it possible? Advice please???

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Bluegirl Sun 22-May-05 15:35:02

My DS is, it seems, like A LOT of other breastfed babies and is point blank refusing the bottle. Tried all the tips on here - but haven't the heart to starve him onto it yet. I go back to work in about 5 weeks and need to get something sorted ASAP. Has anybody put a breastfed baby straight onto sippy cup and skipped the bottle thing altogether? Is this possible when they're about 4-5 months old? If so, any advice on how to go about it and what cups are best to use would be GREATLY appreciated. I am hanging on to hope that this will be possible and DS will love sippy cup and only have disdain for bottles.......

moondog Sun 22-May-05 16:17:58

My ds has been mostly using a cup since about 6 months. He is fine with a plain plastic one,but you can use a 'doidy cup' (in Urchin catalogue,or just google it) which is cut on a slant so that it is easier for a little face to get into!

tamula Sun 22-May-05 16:56:20

Hi bluegirl,

during my years as a nanny i know it to be possible, but i dont recall what cups were used, sorry!

We usually started with a wee drop of water / milk at a set time over a period of time and just gradually fazed out the breast.

good luck!

Seona1973 Sun 22-May-05 19:17:33

the tommee tippee first cup is suitable from 4 months and is not non-spill so could be easier for your lo to get the hang of. It has a fold down spout and little handles and is widely available in supermarkets, chemists, mothercare, etc. I got my dd a doidy cup from the bickiepegs website and she can use it well.

ButtonMoon Sun 22-May-05 19:25:49

Another vote for Doidy!! Best not to introduce bottle at all as can be a nightmare to wean off.

Seona1973 Sun 22-May-05 19:32:41

sorry, the link to the bickiepegs website is here

Bluegirl Mon 23-May-05 09:44:35

Thanks all - have purchased a doidy cup - fingers crossed very tightly that will have some success with that!

Any suggestions on best way to use it/how long it takes them to get used to it still appreciated - FTM who hasn't a clue!

ButtonMoon Mon 23-May-05 10:03:43

I gave DD it to play with/hold for a couple of days first. Then put a tiny amount of milk in for held it to her lips and found the first time it went down her chin! Next time I found that she sort of lapped at it until she got the hang of getting her lips and mouth in the right position to drink as we would. It takes a while for them to get used to it and can take a while for them to drink a substantial amount but worth it in the end. DD still uses hers (2.10) as she can see over the top of it while drinking and she's nosey!!! My friend found that this was the only way to get her DD to take milk other than from the breast. Good luck!

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