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14 week old still feeding every 2 hours during day

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kittymch Fri 24-Jul-09 19:49:43

I was really pleased to get over the 6/8 week bf 'hump' and get into the swing of certainly seems easier now than having to sterilise bottles and mix up formula...but my DD is still feeding roughly every two hours in the daytime with one night feed (on a good night)smile or two/three (on a bad one)sad.

This is starting to get a bit knackering, and combined with her not being a great napper during the day, leaves me feeling pretty low. Particularly as my DP's cousin called today with her 8 week old and was complaining about having to feed him almost every 3 hours, and sometimes forgetting that the babe is there because he's so quiet envy

I'm determined to bf till at least 6 there any hope that the feeds will start spacing out before that? She was just under 6lbs at birth and is now 13lb.

Chunkamatic Fri 24-Jul-09 20:51:40

I can really remember people telling me how it gets easier when they get to 6 weeks/12 weeks/6 months/a year, and never quite feeling that i had been told the truth.

It sounds like she is doing really well - that's a terrific weight gain is it not? My DS was really erratic with his feeding at first and I didn't get down to one feed a night until he was 7 months so you're doing well there!!

I cant offer any practical advice i'm afraid just that it is still very early days really and putting yourself under pressure by other people's babies will only make you feel more exhausted by the whole thing. Take the opportunity to sit down every 2 hours and rest assured that it will improve in its own time.

Reallytired Fri 24-Jul-09 20:55:26

My baby is the same age as yours.

See my thread

Your DP's cousin could be in for a shock ... Prehaps there is a 13/14 week growth spurt

fannybanjo Fri 24-Jul-09 21:40:12

My DD3 is nearly 6 months and STILL feeds every 2 hours and is up 2/3 times a night, on a good night!

Wouldn't worry too much, she will space feeds out longer but honestly, 6 months will be here before you know it and she will start solids and then she will only be feeding 3 times a day. It is such a short time in your life, try to enjoy it and not be concerned about how often she feeds, I love just to sit down with DD3 and stroke her head whilst she feeds, it is the only time now that she keeps still!

You are doing really well to have got to have got to 14 weeks still BF. smile

thisisyesterday Fri 24-Jul-09 21:48:00

lol at starting solids and only feeding 3 times a day!!!

what your baby is doing is normal and fine.
she may space out before 6 months. she may not.
I have a 6 week old who feeds every 2-3 hours and once in the night,
but his older brother fed every 45-90 minutes for about the first year!! the max I ever got between feeds was 2 hours in that whole time, he was still a frequent feeder once he started solids.

you need to remember that when you breastfeed you aren't only providing some food. you're providing comfort and security in a way that no-one else can. It is hard, but in the grand scheme of things it really doesn't last that long, and it's such a lovely, lovely thing to be able to do for your baby

fannybanjo Fri 24-Jul-09 22:10:26

thisisyesterday - I had to laugh at what I wrote myself after re-reading it, I think I meant, you know, when they are 12!

iwantitnow Fri 24-Jul-09 22:36:07

My DD fed at least every 2 hours for nearly the whole first year. DS completely different at nearly 19 weeks and feeds less often and very quickly - but you know what I don't look at the clock, it really helps. If the baby needs feeding or its convenient to feed then (often the case as I have a 2 year old to look after) then feed. Don't think when last feed was, because it doesn't matter. Time between feeds is all a legacy of formula feeding - feeding is food, water and comfort. I know i drink water much more often than every 2-3 hours. I've had only one night when I've given only one feed in 19 weeks I'm envious envy.

kittymch Sat 25-Jul-09 10:43:33

cheers for the advice and support...very reassuring, especially as I'm a first timer and am really up and down with it all - my DP is finding me a bit tricky to deal with as I think I was relatively sane hmm before the baby arrived.

On reflection I think I was indulging in a bit of big placid baby envy which of course is no use to anyone. I like the idea of feeding being a chance to sit every couple of hours so have got some DVD's looked out. DD must have wanted to give me a hand too as she slept from 9.30pm to 5am last night...I am now touching wood with crossed fingers as a black cat crosses my path grin in the hope that'll happen again.

fannybanjo Sat 25-Jul-09 21:11:13

kitty, wait 'til you get to your third child, sanity has well and truly gone out of the window, never to return! My DH wonders what happened to the lovely young lady he met all those years ago! grin

Seriously though, try not to get too hung up, these baby years are SOOO precious (cliche I know but very true) and even in a few weeks, you will be wondering what happened to your docile feeder as your DD will be pulling off the boob to have a good nose around and that will be the end of your quiet feeds watching DVDs!

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