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Mother & Baby magazine breastfeeding special

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BertieBotts Fri 24-Jul-09 09:38:52

I noticed this and decided to buy it, it's quite good actually - a few dodgy sentences - (guess which well-known breastfeeding counsellor they used! hmm) and of course the magazine carries loads of formula/bottle/steriliser adverts but it is nice to see a baby magazine giving (on the whole) good information about breastfeeding.

They also claim to be the first magazine in the UK to show a woman breastfeeding on the cover. I don't know whether this is true but either way, good for them!

HoppityBunny Fri 24-Jul-09 18:56:03

That's amazing, at least we are moving forward! Boobs aren't just for page 3!

CurryMaid Fri 24-Jul-09 19:36:23

Yes I read this too, seemed ok.

peppapighastakenovermylife Fri 24-Jul-09 19:40:07

The current prima baby one is doing my head in - have only read the first few pages of the magazine and already there have been two letters from supposed readers saying how much they loved the formula feeding advice from last issue and how lots of mums cant breastfeed hmm

Then there is another supposed question to the experts asking how much expressed milk she needs to leave when she goes back to work and the answer keeps going on about having formula just in case, topping up with formula etc etc hmm

Then another supposed (sceptical moi? wink) letter asking about dream feeds and she is told in no uncertain terms she must do a dream feed and her partner must do this with a bottle (albeit expressed milk).

I gave up reading at this point...

HoppityBunny Mon 27-Jul-09 16:01:54

That's why I don't bother with these mags. They just get on my nerves.

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